97 Ford SD Powerstroke Seahawk Style

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97 Ford SD Powerstroke Seahawk Style
Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:10 pm
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    Still early in progress, doing more as I can afford, note Seahawk emblems over the power stroke decals, Seahawk heads on fenders, Seahawk decal on windshield, Seahawk decal on rear canopy window and in place of the Ford emblem on tail gate. Tailgate has a dent, going in for repair and have a full width Seahawk eye decal custom made to place on it once back. I also have a hood decal off of a 1951 Chevy that looks almost exactly like the Seahawk head in flight, I've included a photo of it in the rough, since that time I had it prepped and painted the same white as the truck and am now working on getting the wing tips airbrushed in Seahawk green, blue gray and the white background, that will be mounted on the hood in my next shared photos. I'm limited to 3 pics per post, and limited in the quality of photo I can share due to size limits on forum post, so I did a collage type layout to include some more details, the interior is also being themed in Seahawk stuff, floor mats, seatbelt covers, steering wheel covers, and more to come there as well. Thought I'd share and invite ideas and comments as well. I can handle criticism but that isn't really what I'm looking for here, as much as I'm looking for ideas on where to go next with this. I'm intending to keep this truck the remainder of my life so how it might affect sales values isn't an issue, it's about doing what makes me happy and anyone who knows me, knows that the Seahawks have brought and continue to bring a lot of happiness in to my life, win, loose or draw, I got their back. Now that my kids are grown and can afford to buy their own NFL season ticket on TV, I decided to give myself the treat of one live game a year (at least), Amazing how much cooler it is being in the stadium for real, I don't think I've ever missed a Seahawk game, not even a preseason one. GO Hawks!
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Re: 97 Ford SD Powerstroke Seahawk Style
Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:05 pm
  • A couple years back, I saw a little box car thing decked out in Seahawk Colors and themed. I thought it was pretty cool. I see a bit more around here too. I am thinking about doing that to one of my cars when I get it operating correctly. It is an old Lebaron convertible. White top only.....

    Yours looks nice and thanks for the pix. :D
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