Seahawks Nike Free Trainer v7 Now Available

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  • The new Seattle Seahawks Nike Free Trainer v7 is now available at


    These shoes sell for $109.99 and when you shop through this link: Seahawks Nike Free Trainer at a portion of the sale goes to Seahawks.NET to help support the site.
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  • That's a nice shoe.
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  • Very nice shoe and if it were available in a high top I'd most likely have already ordered a pair. I have a few pairs of Nike Hyperfusion's in the Seahawk colors, but would love to get a pair like these with the seahawk logo embedded in them. Maybe they are already out there and I just haven't found them yet.

    All aside this is a really nice shoe, I'll forward this page to my boys, they are almost as nuts about the Seahawks as their old man is. I'm a walking billboard for the hawks, with my wardrobe, people tell me I ought to invoice the hawks for driving my truck around, its Seahawks themed from bumper to bumper as well.

    Dare to be ridiculous lol.... go hawks!!
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