I thought I’d share my current Rd. by Rd. picks;

Discuss your thoughts about anything draft related. Mocks, College and Pro. Knock yourselves out!!! LANGUAGE RATING: PG-13
  • My selections at each Seahawk pick per current rankings as posted on 3/15/2017 update. I do this exercise every couple of weeks. I usually find that there are many viable picks in each round. The rankings, of course, can & will change between now and the draft, a few will rise & a few will fall. However, since the combine, things are settling out somewhat. The bottom line = there are numerous combinations that would address current Seahawk needs. The real question is which ones & at which positions, and in which rounds? There are lots of combinations to chose from and I find that very reassuring that the Seahawks will have a great draft this year.

    -----Rd. 1/26----- (99% sure Bolles/Reddick/Cunningham and several other blog favorites will be gone.)
    SS-Obi Melifonwu(33), OLB-T.J. Watt(41), FS-Budda Baker(44), CB-Kevin King(55), OLB-Jarrad Davis(51)

    -----Rd. 2/58-----
    SS-Josh Jones(60), DE-Tarell Basham(63), OLB-Tyus Bowser(67), CB-Sid Jones*(73),
    CB-Ahkello Witherspoon(75), WR-Zay Jones(72)

    -----Rd. 3/90-----
    CB-Rasul Douglas(91), SS-Eddie Jackson(95), DT-Jaleel Johnson(98), WR-Taywan Taylor(100),
    TE-Jake Butt(104), DT-Carlos Watkins(108)

    -----Rd. 3/102-----
    SS-Justin Evans(109), OLB-Alex Anzalone(112), TE-Jordan Leggett(114), OG-Nico Siragusa(117),
    DT-Ryan Glasgow(122)

    -----Rd. 3/106----- **ALT** Trade down for TWO picks in Rd 4/5 -OR- draft ONE of the following....
    OLB-Caroll Phillips(120), FS-Rayshawn Jenkins(128), OLB-Vince Biegel(146),
    WR/KR-Shelton Gibson(150), TE-George Kittle(173), WR-Josh Malone(177), CB-Shaquill Griffin(184),
    CB-Marquez White(189)

    -----Rd. 6/210---AND--- Rd. 7/226-- (pick ANY - 2)
    WR-Robert Davis(210), TE-Michael Roberts(211), ILB-Marquel Lee(221), OLB-Javancy Jones(227),
    CB-Jeremy Clark(229), DT-Josh Tupou(240), SS-Tedrick Thompson(243),OLB-Jimmy Gilbert(252),
    WR-Jehu Chesson(259), DE-Joe Mathis*(264), CB-Treston DeCoud(268), SS-Shalom Luani(414)
    (NOTE: 1 or 2 COULD fall to the UDFA list below.)

    -----UDFA's:-----(try to sign as many as possible. And, there are surely some I’ve overlooked!)
    OT-Levon Myers(255), RB-Chris Carson(265), RB-Joe Williams(279), OT-Javarius Leamon(282),
    DT-Grover Stewart(289), TE-Darrell Daniels(298), RB-Elijah Hood(301), QB-Zach Terrell(384),
    TE-Anthony Auclair(420), DE-Karter Schult(482), RB-Anthony Wales(492), OT-Jylan Ware(633)

    A few Combinations;
    #1: CB-Kevin King(55), OLB-Tyus Bowser(67), DT-Jaleel Johnson(98), SS-Justin Evans(109),
    (using **ALT**) OG-Nico Siragusa(117), TE-George Kittle(173),
    -- OLB-Javancy Jones(227), WR-Jehu Chesson(259)
    + UDFA’s.

    #2: SS-Obi Melifonwu(33), CB-A. Witherspoon(75), WR-Taywan Taylor(100), OLB-Alex Anzalone(112),
    (using **ALT**) TE-George Kittle(173), CB-Shaquill Griffin(184),
    -- OLB-Jimmy Gilbert(252), DE-Joe Mathis*(264),
    + UDFA’s.

    #3: OLB-T.J. Watt(41), CB-Sid Jones*(73), CB-Rasul Douglas(91), OG-Nico Siragusa(117),
    (using **ALT**) DT-Ryan Glasgow(122), FS-Rayshawn Jenkins(128),
    --TE-Michael Roberts(211), SS-Shalom Luani(414)
    + UDFA’s.

    #4: FS-Budda Baker(44), OLB-Tyus Bowser(67), SS-Justin Evans(109), OG-Nico Siragusa(117)
    (using **ALT**) TE-George Kittle(173), DE-Joe Mathis*(264),
    --WR-Robert Davis(210), DT-Josh Tupou(240),
    + UDFA’s.

    And many, many more.........It’s the various combinations that make this draft interesting to speculate.
    <--><--><--><--><--><--><--><--><--> GO SEAHAWKS <--><--><--><--><--><--><--><--><-->
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