A few FCS studs in the coming draft.

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A few FCS studs in the coming draft.
Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:44 pm
  • Today I'm dumpster diving for overlooked and/or undiscovered players from the FCS division.
    (xxx) = current rankings from the 4/19/2017 update. I may not have found all of the “studs”, but here are a few that may be drafted or UDFA types. IMO- At least a couple of these guys MAY be future Seahawks. (Stewart, Davis, Ebukam, Henderson, Payne, Kidder & Williams are all possibilities IMO.) ----> Ref:, & (I'm not sure all of the pro-day #'s have been updated, but likely most are.)

    ---DL-Derek Rivers(78), Youngstown St., 6-041/248, 4.61/40, 35"-Vert, 10'-3"-Broad, 30-Reps,
    4.79-3Cone. -- I listed this guy in spite of his high ranking to see how he compares to others lower in rank.
    2016-Stats: 16-games, 58-tkls, 44-Solo, 9.5-TFL, 14.0-Sacks, 1-PBU, 1-FF

    ---DE-Tanon Kpassagnon(158), Villanova, 6-067/289, 4.83/40, 30.0"-Vert, 10'-7"-Broad, 23-Reps,
    4.89-3Cone, -- He’s too tall? Bend/leverage/hands/technique all need coaching up, but maybe worth it?
    2016 Stats: 12-games, 45-tkls, 27-Solo, 21.5-TFL, 11.0-Sacks, 1-PBU, 1-INT, 1-FF, 1-FR

    ---LB-Elijah Price(209), Florida A&M, 5-107/241, 4.75/40, 2.65/20, 1.62/10-yd split, 34.5"-Vert,
    10'-2"-Broad, 20-Reps, 4.40-20yd shutt;e, 6.98-3Cone -- He’s too short? He’s a hustler!
    2016-Stats: 11-games, 33-tkls, 22-Solo, 15.5-TFL, 2.5-Sacks, 1-PBU,

    ---DT-Grover Stewart(277), Albany St. 6-042/347, 5.14/40, 2.89/20, 1.73/10-yd split, 26"-Vert,
    8'-10"-Broad, 4.75-20yd shuttle, 7.71-3Cone, 30-Reps. 33.5“/Arms, -- Thats all I could find.
    2016-Stats: 37-tkls, 12-TFL, 7.5-Sacks are all I could find. NOTE: Seahawks Visit scheduled.

    ---DE-Keionta Davis(223), Chattanooga, 6-3/271, 4.72/40, 2.71/20, *1.63./10-yd split*, 37.5"-Vert,
    10'-01"-Broad, 30-Reps, 4.62/20-yd shuttle, 7.64-3Cone -- LEO=?, bulk up & be a 3-tech in/out guy=?
    2016-Stats: 12-games, 40-tkls, 24-Solo, 11.0-TFL, 10.5-Sacks, 7-PBU, 2-FF

    ---DL-Samson Ebukam(227), E. Washington, 6-2/240, 4.50/40, 2.57/20, *1.53/10-yd split*, 39"-Vert,
    10'-10"-Broad, 24-Reps, 4.34/20yd shuttle, 7.08-3Cone. -- Looks like an ideal LEO-trainee to me............
    2016-Stats: 14-games, 71-tkls, 33-Solo, 14.5-TFL, 9.5-Sacks, 2-PBU, 1-INT, 2-FF.

    ---LB-Javancy Jones(279), Jackson State., 6-011/239, 4.83/40, 2.82/20, 1.72/10-yd split, 32"-Vert,
    9'-0"-Broad, 26-Reps, -- A little slow for a LB, busy guy with fair production, a known hustler at least.
    2016-Stats: 10-games, 82-tkls, 41-Solo, 19.5-TFL, 4-Sacks, 1-PBU, 2-FF,

    ---NT-Rod Henderson(472), Alabama St. 6-004/339, 5.28/40, 2.94/20, 1.82/10-yd split,
    28"-Vert, 8'-01"-Broad, 26-Reps, 5.04-20yd shuttle, 8.02-3Cone. -- A bowling ball & a very disruptive NT.
    2016-Stats:12-games, 35-tkls, 17-Solo, 12.0-TFL, 1-Sack, 2-FF, 1 rush for 7-yds at FB.

    ---DE-Karter Schult(478), UNI, 6-3/258, 4.93/40, 2.89/20, 1.83-10yd split, 33"-Vert, 9'-07"-Broad,
    30-Reps, 4.66-20yd shuttle, 7.15-3Cone. -- A little slow for a LB, may need to shed lbs. to play LB. Maybe add lbs. & be a 3-tech in/out guy? Good lower level production. The kind of guy you search for a position for. A true Tweener.
    2016-Stats: 11-games, 74-tkls, 50-Solo, 24.0-TFL, 17-Sacks, 1-PBU, 1-INT, 2-FF

    --LB-Christian Kuntz(540), Duquesne, 6-01/232, 4.81/40, 2.78/20, 1.65/10-yd split, 32"-Vert,
    9'-08"-Broad, 23-Reps, 4.39-20yd shuttle, 6.81-3Cone -- At worst a potential UDFA/camp body?
    2016-Stats: 11-games, 55-tkls, 38-Solo, 24.0-TFl, 11.5-Sacks, 3-FF, 2-PBU (has 5 career INT, 2 for TD's)

    ---SS-Donald Payne(567), Stetson. 5-116/217, 4.55/40, 2.64/20, *1.55/10-yd split*, 37.5"-Vert,
    16-Reps, 4.25-20-yd shuttle, 6.76-3Cone. -- May be greatly overlooked in this strong DB class.
    2016-Stats: 10-games, 100-tkls, 65-Solo, 15.5-TFL, 3-Sacks, 1-INT, 1-PBU, 3-FF, 1-FR, 3-BK

    ---DL-Caleb Kidder(688), Montana, 6-044/269, 4.97/40, 2.68/20, 1.67/10-yd split, 33"-Vert,
    8'-09"-Broad, 30-reps, 4.47/20-yd shuttle, 6.91-3Cone -- Maybe he bulks up and becomes a 3-tech?
    2016-Stats: 11-games, 54-tkls, 21-Solo, 11-TFL, 5.5-Sacks, 3-PBU,

    ---CB-Tyler Williams(UNRANKED), Central Arkansas, 6-001/194, 4.52/40, couldn’t find any other #'s.
    2016-Stats: 13-games, 31-tkls, 26-Solo, 2-TFL, *23-PBU*, 4-INT (1 for TD), 1-FF -- This Kid can cover!
    (#1 in FCS with 23-PBU, 2.1/per game (the #2 had 13-PBU.2-INT) - NOTE: Seahawks have met with him.

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Re: A few FCS studs in the coming draft.
Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:27 pm
  • Vunderbar! Some very interesting prospects there, thank you for posting :)
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