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  • What kind of things will you be on the lookout for how the draft will fall tomorrow? I think a big one will be the QBs. Do they fall? Do people mortgage their future for one?

    I think Cleveland at 12 will be pivotal. Do they take a QB? Does somebody ahead of them take a QB they want? Or do teams try to wait it out to get the QBs down further in the draft?

    For more immediate Seahawk needs, how the OL go through the draft will obviously be of interest.

    Personally I am hoping to see a bunch of offensive players going early to leave more of that deep defensive talent for the Hawks to pick through.
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  • I would have to agree with your list. Those are pretty much the things that I will be looking for as well.

    One thing that I will add to that ... is that I will be extremely curious to see what happens with Gareon Conley. Prior to all the rape allegations, Conley had been viewed by most out there as being the 2nd or 3rd best CB in this draft. How will that affect his draft status? Will he slide ... and with how will that affect the Seahawks who will be looking for CB's? Will that cause a guy like a Kevin King (whom is one of the players the Seahawks are undoubted targeting) to be drafted earlier? If Conley ends up sliding down the board, how will that affect the Hawks (as teams may choose other top prospects whom the Hawks are targeting)? We'll see.
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  • Drafts are like a Horse race, some come out fast, some hold back, when they get to a point in each round where teams feel they may lose out we start seeing position runs and then it's like dominoes and you see QB's, CB's, or other positions get targeted and trades happen. I watch and then wait for the runs on positions, usually higher rated players start slipping as teams can panic to fill needs over BPA.

    To Be P/C or Not P/C That is the Question..........Seahawks kick Ass !!!!
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  • If the QB's go early it's gonna be tough to trade back and add a pick or two.
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  • penihawk wrote:If the QB's go early it's gonna be tough to trade back and add a pick or two.

    Yes and no., We've seen and i've highlighted some situations where someone jumps back in for a qb.

    But for every reaction theres an equal reaction. So every QB that goes higher then expected someone slides. Maybe it's not a qb that someone jumps up for maybe its that DT that people can't believe fell or WR or lb etc.
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  • If that's the case we better consider running our card to the podium. Guna be tough if there is an early run on QB's,not impossible.
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