Approximate Hawk picks left - post trade deadline & a mock.

Discuss your thoughts about anything draft related. Mocks, College and Pro. Knock yourselves out!!! LANGUAGE RATING: PG-13
  • This is an attempt to mock 2018 draft picks as were recently updated* after all of the trades. The purpose of this
    mock is to show what talent -MAY be available- with the limited picks. Of course, rankings will change pre-draft.
    Ref: ... at-do-they

    Post trade deadline Seahawks draft picks remaining; (rankings per 11/7/17). All picks are approximate, subject to change & are my personal preferences for positions & players.
    --------------->Approximate Seahawks Picks = 27, 119, 147, 149, 152, 209, 215, 221. (+/-)

    Rd. 1-native pick-----#27-32-ish. -------->TRADE DOWN and pick 2 prospects, 1 near the top, 1 near the bottom.
    WR/PR-Dante Pettis*, Washington 5-116/192, 4.49/40, #50-overall (homer pick, could do worse)
    RB-Nick Chubb** Georgia, 5-095/225, 4.56/40, #52-overall (Likely available big RB?)
    OLG-Will Hernandez, UTEP. 6-3/340, #55-overall - exclusively a LG
    WR-D.J. Chark*, LSU, 6-026/198, 4.39/40, #59-overall (height/speed combo, 24.0+ ypc)
    DE-Jalen Holmes**, Ohio St, 6-5/270, 4.76/40, #60-overall
    OG-Braden Smith**, Auburn, 6-052/303, 5.12/40, #69-overall
    FS-Armani Watts*, Texas A&M, 5-110/205, 4.49/40, #72-overall
    TE-Dalles Goedert, So. Dakota St., 6-032/255, 4.81/40, ( production +), #80-overall
    DE/EDGE-Tyquan Lewis**, Ohio St, 6-032/265, #94-overall
    CB-M. J. Stewart, No. Carolina, 5-111/200, 4.53/40, very productive #'s, #109-overall
    DT-Folorunso Fatukasi, UConn, 6-032/315, 5.23/40, unmoveable, big, strong, #112-overall
    DT-B. J. Hill**, N. Carolina St, 6-031/300, 4.94/40, #114-overall
    OLB-Marquis Haynes**, Miss. 6-021/227, 4.63/40, #121-overall

    Rd. 4-native-#119------------------TE-Chris Herndon*, Miami(Fla), 6-035/252, 4.78/40, #142-overall
    Rd. 5-from OAKLAND-#147----RB-Sony Michael**, Georgia, 5-105/215, 4.53/40, #162-overall
    Rd. 5-from HOUSTON-#149----CB-Levi Lewis, Alabama*, 5-111/185, 4.52/40, #203-overall
    Rd. 5-native-#152------------------OLB/DE-Trevon Young**, Louisville, 6-032/254, 4.76/40, #217-overall=?
    Rd. 7-from PHILLY-#209---------QB-J. T. Barrett**, Ohio St, 6-012/220, 4.57/40, #276-overall=?
    Rd. 7-from N. Y. JETS-#215----RB-Lavon Coleman**, Washington, 5-11/228, #286-overall=?
    Rd. 7-from MINN-#221-----------FS-Jamar Summers**, UConn, 6-0/185, 4.44/40 #9999-overall-?
    UDFA's: OT, OG, OT, OG and sort them out & then a place kicker.

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  • There is no way in heck we take anyone with our first rd pick. With trading the 2nd and 3rd we are dropping down. Guaranteed.
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  • No more Oline or Dline gambles in the first. Take the best available, WR, RB, or TE.
    "Practice without improvement is meaningless" - Chuck Knox
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  • Trade down twice & end up with 11 picks, it's not impossible providing two willing trade Partners. EXAMPLE below would be a pretty good draft, filling many needs. Current rankings will very likely effect the draft positions of especially Alexander, Smith, Harris and Okorafor, and others, but I think this shows the draft can be managed well even with limited picks going in. Rankings per drafttek,com, 10/21/17 update.

    Rd-1------(Native pick), ------#26-32------ TRADE #29 (640-points) for 36 (540-points) & 100 (100-points)
    #36-T-- TRADE: #36 (540-points) for: #44 (460-points), #108 (78) & #146 (32.6-points)

    #44-T-----EDGE-Jaylon Ferguson(49), LA-Tech, ------- ALT: -OLB-Dorance Armstrong(68), Kansas
    #100-T---WR-Jaylon Smith(105), Louisville 6-4/210 -------- ALT: -WR-Auden Tate(98), Florida St, 6-5
    #108-T---CB-M. J. Stewart(107), N. C. 5-11/200 ------- ALT: EDGE-Joe Ostman(143), C Mich, 6-3/255
    Rd-4------(Native pick), ----119----125------------------------------ -QB-Baker Mayfield(133), Oklahoma
    Rd-5------(Trade from Oakland), ---#141----144------------------ -CB-Adonis Alexander(145), Virg Tech
    Rd-5------#146---T------------------------------------------------------- -RB-Damien Harris(173), Alabama.
    Rd-5------(Trade from Houston), ------#148----153--------------- -DT-Greg Gaines(194), Washington
    Rd-5------(Native pick), ---- #155---160----------------------------- -TE-Dallas Goedert(202) S Dakota St.
    Rd-7------(Trade from Philly), ----#203----208--------------------- - RB-Lavon Coleman(226), UW
    Rd-7------(Trade from Jets), ----#216----223----------------------- -CB/PR/KR-Darius Phillips(250), W. Mich
    Rd-7------(Trade from Minn), ----#224----229---------------------- -OT-C. Okorafor(253), W. Mich
    UDFA’s: -- too early to say, but several developmental OL would be nice.
    ------------------Rashaad Penny, the next great Seahawks RB.------------------
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