Mid-to-late round WR's that MAY be viable Seahawk picks:

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  • Mid-to-late round WR's that MAY be viable picks for the Seahawks. Due to other big needs, the Seahawks will most likely trade down in the 1-st round & hopefully get some mid round pick(s). OLB/EDGE, RB & OL may be the focus of their first few picks, leaving the slightly lesser need at WR for the mid-to-late rounds. Obviously, the big WR names will likely be gone by the mid-rounds. IMO-WR’s that would best fit the Seahawks are listed below (by current rankings). Thus, my reasoning for this WR stat. comparison. Rankings are per 12/28/17-update.

    IF the Seahawks draft a WR, potentially to hedge the position if Paul Richardson leaves. I hope they get:
    #1=WR-Cedrick Wilson (we don’t have enough Wilsons),
    #2=WR-Michael Gallup,
    #3=WR-Jake Wieneke,
    #4=WR-Steve Ishmael.


    **WR-Michael Gallup, CSU, 6-005/200, 4.52/40 +/-, currently #92-overall, proj. Rd-3
    2017: 100/1413/7-TD’s, 14.13-ypc - 61-for 1-st downs, 36/15+, 13/25+
    -OR- WR-Anthony Miller, Memphis, 5-106/190, 4.53/40 +/-, currently #76-overall, proj, Rd 2/3
    2017: 92/1407/17-TD’s, 15.29-ypc - 55 for 1-st downs, 34/15+, 14/25+
    -OR- WR-Jake Wieneke, So. Dakota St, 6-031/215, 4.59/40 +/-, currently #112-overall, proj. Rd-3/4
    (FCS) 2017: 65/965/16-TD’s, 14.84-ypc (NOTE): Career: 53 games: 288/5157/59-TD’s, 17.90-ypc)


    ***WR-Cedrick Wilson, Boise St., 6-016/188, 4.49/40 +/-, currently #129-overall, proj. Rd-4
    2017: 83/1511/7-TD’s, 18.20-ypc, 58 for 1-st downs, 39/15+, 22/25+
    -OR- WR-Marvell Ateman, Oklahoma St., 6-032/220, 4.57/40 +/-, currently #144-overall, proj. Rd-4
    2017: 54/1049/8-TD’s, 19.43-ypc - 41 for 1-st downs, 25/15+, 15/25+


    *WR-Steve Ishmael, Syracuse, 6-012/209, 4.53/40 +/-, currently #188-overall, proj. Rd-5/6
    2017: 105/1347/7-TD’s, 12.83-ypc - 59 for 1-St downs, 31/15+, 12/25+
    -OR- WR-Darren Carrington II, Utah, 6-006/205, 4.49/40 +/-, currently #173-overall, proj. Rd-5
    2017: 66/918/6-TD;s, 13.91-ypc - 45 for 1-st downs, 28/15+, 8/25+
    -OR- WR-Jaleel Scott, New Mexico St, 6-046/215, 4.52/40 +/-, currently #197-overall, proj. Rd-6
    2017: 73/1042/8-TD’s, 14.27-ypc- 44 for 1-st downs, 30/15+, 12/25+


    *WR-Ka’Raun White, W. Virginia, 6-012/199, 4.51/40 +/-, currently 999-overall, proj Rd-7/UDFA
    61/1004/12-TD’s, 16.46-ypc - 38 for 1-st downs, 25/15+, 12/25+

    There are a number of players I skipped in this research, due to my opinion of their talents or because they are Jr.’s that may or may not come out. (Burnett, Moore, Cain, Tate, The big name WR’s I excluded (due to rankings) include: Sutton, Washington, Pettis, Chark, & Lazard. Who knows what the rankings will be like on draft day, but at this time, these are my picks at WR. I would hope they can at a minimum, get one of these guys: Wilson, Gallup (great name), Ishmael or White.

    Ref: ... ort01.html
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