Seahawks sized RB's, situational stats.

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Seahawks sized RB's, situational stats.
Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:46 pm
  • I admit that I am a bit of a stats geek, maybe because I was a former performance analyst and have always liked to use numerical comparisons as a valid element of overall evaluations. The below research shows the 2017 season #’s for Seahawks sized RB’s in the coming draft. IMO, These stats go a long way in supporting my conclusion that –Rashaad Penny--is the most under-rated of all of the draft-able RB’s. My current choices for a Seahawk RB pick: #1= Penny, #2=Jones/or/Love, #3=Michel/or/Chubb, #4=Johnson/or/Harris, #5=Gaskin/or/Franklin - pretty much in that order.

    RB-RESEARCH, 01/06/18. Seahawks sized RB's; The Bigger RB’s being discussed that the SEAHAWKS may consider in the draft. --> REF: ... ort01.html
    (Click: National, rushing, player name, situational stats). Note: Total-yds.,YPC., # of 1-st downs, total 10+/20+ are detailed performance stats that are illustrative comparisons of good/great performance standards among these RB's.

    --–RB-Rashaad Penny, SDSU, 5-11/220, ranked #190-overall at
    2017: 13-games, 289/2248/23-TD’s, 7.78-ypc, 95-long, 81 for 1-st downs, 58/10+, 29/20+

    –--RB-Bryce Love, Stanford, 5-10/196, ranked #17-overall at
    2017: 13-games, 263/2118/19-TD’s, 8.05-ypc, 75-long, 67 for 1-st downs, 52/10+, 30/20+

    --–RB-Royce Freeman, Oregon, 5-11/230, ranked #61-overall at
    2017: 12-games, 244/1475/16-TD’s, 6.05-ypc, 59-long, 72 for 1-st downs, 50/10+, 16/20+

    --–RB-Ronald Jones II, USC, 6-1/195, ranked #50-overall at
    2017: 13-games, 261/1550/19-TD’s, 5.94-ypc, 86-long, 72 for 1-st downs, 41/10+, 16/20+

    --–Kerryon Johnson, Auburn, 6-0/212, ranked #279-overall at
    2017: 12-games, 285/1391/18-TD’s, 4.88-ypc, 60-long, 70 or 1-st downs, 31/10+, 9/20+

    --–RB-Myles Gaskin, Washington, 5-10/195, ranked #124-overall at
    2017: 13-games, 222/1380/21-TD’s, 6.22-ypc, 69-long, 64 for 1-st downs, 40/10+, 13/20+

    --–RB-Derrius Guice, LSU, 5-11/212, ranked #11-overall at
    2017: 12-games, 237/1251/11-TD’s, 5.28-ypc, 59-long, 59 for 1-st downs, 27/10+, 9/20+

    --–RB-Jarvon Franklin, W. Michigan, 6-1/228, ranked #278-overall at
    2017: 12-games, 235/1228/11-TD’s, 5.23-ypc, 72-long, 60 for 1-st downs, 32/10+, 12/20+

    --–RB-Saquon Barkley, Penn St. 5-11/223, ranked #3-overall at
    2017: 13-games, 217/1271/18-TD’s, 5.86-ypc, 92-long, 49 for 1-st downs, 29/10+, 14/20+

    --–RB-Nick Chubb, Georgia, 5-10/228, ranked #82-overall at
    **Championship game pending**
    2017: 14-games, 205/1320/15-TD’s, 6.44-ypc, 55-long, 55 for 1-st downs, 42/10+, 19/20+

    --–RB-Sony Michel, Georgia, 5-11/212, ranked #104-overall at
    **Championship game pending**
    2017: 13-games, 142/1129/16-TD’s, 7.95-ypc, 75-long, 42 for 1-st downs, 29/10+, 13/20+

    --–RB-Damien Harris, 5-11/216, Alabama, 5-11/216, ranked #57-overall,
    **Championship game pending**
    2017: 13-games, 129/983/11-TD’s, 7.62-ypc, 75-long, 39 for 1-st downs, 23/10+, 9/20+

    NOTEABLE: In this group:
    Rashaad Penny is #1 in 6 of 8 stats & #2 in the other 2 stats.
    #1 in: attempts, yards, TD’s, long run, 1-st downs, & 10+ , and #2 in ypc. & 20+ and is ranked 9th among these 12 players. IMO- Penney is extremely under ranked, Johnson is very under ranked & Franklin is somewhat under ranked.
    ------------------Rashaad Penny, the next great Seahawks RB.------------------
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  • Royce Freeman, Oregon, 5-11/230

    Intrigues me. Not sure yet I need to look at him more.

    Ronald Jones II, USC, 6-1/195 (Breaks tackles)

    I like this guy a lot. At the moment, he's my number one that we have a shot at.

    I'm not sure about Nick Chubb. I wonder how much he benefits from the Georgia OLine?

    My biggest thing is, do they break tackles? So far the best I've seen are Ronald Jones and Rodney Anderson of Oklahoma.

    I need to study Rashad Penny, he looks so perfect! But his team mate put up stats too and he couldn't get on the field this year.

    I want San Diego States Offensive Line Coach and whoever is in charge of the running backs on the Seahawks staff!
    "God Bless the Seattle Seahawks" Cortez Kennedy
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  • Show me a RB that made decent yards and has the size and speed we need that didn't have road graders in front of him that busted tackles after contact. That's what we need. RB's that have road graders in front of them don't show me anything, anyone can run in those locations. Oh one other thing they need to run angry also.

    To Be P/C or Not P/C That is the Question..........Seahawks kick Ass !!!!
    Check your PM's, Thank you for everything Radish RIP My Friend. :les:
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  • Bowl performance summary of Seahawk type RB's.
    #1--RB-Rashaad Penny, SDSU, 14/ 221, 15.79-ypc, 4-TD's, 1-rec for -10. & 2/61 KO-ret.

    2--RB-Bryce Love, Stanford, 26/145, 5.58-ypc, 2-TD's,
    3--RB-Saquon Barkley, Penn St., 18/137, 7.61-ypc, 2-TD's, 7-rec for 38-yds
    4--RB-Myles Gaskin, Washington, 14/98, 7.00-ypc, 2-TD's, 1-rec for 4-yds
    5--RB-Sony Michel, Georgia, 14/98 , 7.00-ypc
    6--RB-Derrius Guice, LSU, 21/98, 4.67-ypc, 3-rec for 24-yds & 2-TD's.
    7--RB-Kerryon Johnson, Auburn, 22/71, 3.23-ypc, 1-TD, 1-rec for 6-yds
    8--RB-Ronald Jones, USC, 19/64, 3.37-ypc, 1-TD,
    9--RB-Nick Chubb, Georgia, 18/25, 1.39-ypc, 1-rec for -1
    10--RB-Damien Harris, Alabama, 6/17, 2.83-ypc, 2-rec for 21-yds
    11--RB-Jarvon Franklin,W. Michigan, No Bowl Game
    12--RB-Royce Freeman, Oregon, DNP
    ------------------Rashaad Penny, the next great Seahawks RB.------------------
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