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Maybe the Seahawks will be looking to draft a new punter?

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  • The Seahawks may be in need of a new punter, here are a few at the top of the punter stats. Personally, I don't see a big difference in averages & would think that the Seahawks could add a guy like Townsend or Daniel in the Rd-6 or UDFA area. Unfortunately I couldn't find anywhere to get NET punt yards (or hang time) for these punters, so here are their incomplete stats. **IMO** -Townsend should most likely be the Seahawks pick in Rd-6 or in any event NLT one of their three Rd-7 picks, in the event they miss him then, they could do a lot worse than signing Daniel as an UDFA.
    Rankings/Projections are from: 1/19/18-update.

    ------Michael Dickson, Texas, 6-016/205, ranked #73 overall, proj. Rd-2/3
    2017: average 47.43-yds per punt with a long of 76-yds = winner of 2017 Ray Guy award.
    2016: average 47.37-yds per punt with a long of 74-yds,
    2015: average 41.29-yds per punt with a long of 63-yds.

    -------J. K. Scott, Alabama, 6-052/204, ranked #113-overall, proj. Rd-3/4
    2017: average 42.96-yds per punt with a long of 64-yds
    2016: average 47.19-yds per punt with a long of 66-yds.
    2015: average 44.20-yds per punt with a long of 59-yds.
    2014: average 48.00-yds per punt with a long of 73-yds.

    ------Johnny Townsend, Florida, 6-005/202, ranked #208-overall, proj. Rd-6
    2017: average *47.55*-yds per punt with a long of 70-yds.
    2016: average *47.89*-yds per punt with a long of 62-yds.
    2015: average 45.36-yds per punt with a long of 61-yds.

    -------Trevor Daniel, Tennessee, 6-05/227, ranked #999-overall, proj. UDFA
    2017: average *47.47*-yds per punt with a long of 72-yds.
    2016: average 44.57-yds per punt with a long of 70-yds.
    2015: average 45.70-yds per punt with a long of 61-yds.

    PER: ... ort01.html
    The long kick #'s are from:

    NOTE for purposes of comparison: 2017 NFL "gross punting yards" leaders were:
    #1- Colquitt of Kansas City with a 50.0-yd per punt average.
    #2-Palardy of Carolina with a 48.3-yd per punt average.
    #3-Morstead of New Orleans with a 46.9-yd per punt average.
    For the Seahawks Ryan averaged 45.0 per punt last season.
    PER: ... ry-punting
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  • Scott averaged 48.0 yards a punt as freshman when he was a Ray Guy Award finalist. His season average didn't dip below 44.3 in the two seasons after that.

    Most notably, Scott is the only punter in the nation who has not had a punt returned. Of his 24 punts, 14 were fair catches, six went out of bounds and two were downed by Alabama players.

    Only two have been touchbacks. Through eight games last year, he had four.

    Pinning opponents deep is pretty important here, too. Fourteen of the 24 were downed inside the 20, or 58.3 percent.

    And with fair catches, he's getting them on 58.3 percent of his punts. That rate was 27.3 percent through eight games of his three previous seasons. ... ietly.html
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  • Kudos.
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