Late Round/UDFA's with high upside to keep an eye on

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  • With the draft only a 2 weeks away today, here are a few high SPARQ scoring guys that Seattle will likely be interested in.

    I'd say several of these names will become Seahawks. I'm not suggesting that they will make the 53 as that isn't easy, but I'd happily bet money that a good few of them will be drafted in the later rounds or signed via undrafted free agency.


    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Peter Pujals                 123.7               UDFA
    Reggie Bell                 116.8               UDFA
    Andrew Elffers            104.1                UDFA
    Quinton Flowers         103.1                UDFA
    Danny Etling               100.9                7th

    None of these names really jump out at me as 'Seahawky' types to be honest but they score high regardless.

    Running Back

    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Trenton Cannon            141.9               7th/UDFA
    Mike Boone                  140.4               UDFA
    Kalen Ballage               136.6               4th
    Bo Scarbrough             134.5               5th
    Ryan Green                  132.5               UDFA
    Josh Adams                 132.0               4th/5th
    Justin Jackson             129.9               5th/6th
    Ryan Nall                      125.6               UDFA
    Chase Edmunds          124.8               UDFA
    John Kelly                    124.3                4th

    Seahawks look for the following from running backs - between 5"10 - 6"1, 215 - 230 pounds, 35"+ vertical, 4.65 or quicker 40 time. Out of those players above Kalen Ballage (Seahawks have met and worked him out), Bo Scarbrough and John Kelly especially jump out. Although all the names will be considered given their draft investment, some are taller or shorter than the typical size but Seattle may want to try different things at RB this year.

    Wide Receiver

    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Dylan Cantrell               141.1               6th
    Jordan Smallwood        136.8               UDFA
    Justin Watson               132.6               UDFA
    Jacob Sannon              129.5               UDFA
    Saeed Blacknail           129.2               UDFA
    Teo Redding                 128.5               7th/UDFA
    Jaelon Acklin                128.4               UDFA
    Kahlil Dawson              128.0               UDFA
    Caleb Scott                  127.8               UDFA
    J’Mon Moore                 127.7              4th
    Michael Gallup             124.4               4th
    Allen Lazard                 123.8               4th

    Seattle is quite varied in the types of receiver they have shown interest in historically but the names that jump out to me from that list are Dylan Cantrell, Kahlil Dawson, Michael Gallup and Allen Lazard.

    Tight End

    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Tyler Conklin               125.2                 5th/6th
    Jaylen Samuels           123.5                UDFA
    Garrett Hudson           119.8                UDFA
    Mark Andrews             115.2                UDFA
    Tyler Hoppes               114.7                UDFA
    Matt Flanagan              113.9                UDFA
    Dalton Schultz              113.4               4th
    Nathan Marcus             111.9               UDFA
    Marcus Baugh              107.4               UDFA

    With Seattle needing depth at tight end a lot of these names make sense.

    Offensive Tackle

    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Korey Cunningham     133.7                7th
    Brian O’Neill                 117.0               4th (possibly earlier)
    Gerhard de Beer          110.2               7th/UDFA
    David Steinmetz           108.3               UDFA
    Tyler Howell                  108.1               UDFA
    Connor Hilland             107.8               UDFA
    Christian DiLauro         107.0               UDFA

    Tackles typically can do 27 reps, a 31" vertical and a 9" broad. However, with Tom Cable now off the team it's hard to gauge if those parameters were set by him or John & Pete. These names, however, stand out to me - Korey Cunningham, David Steinmetz & Tyler Howell.

    Offensive Guard

    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Dejon Allen                 110.8               7th
    Ryan Hunter                110.6               UDFA
    Wyatt Teller                  109.6               4th
    Jashon Robertson       107.6               UDFA
    Adam Ploudre             107.5               UDFA

    I'm not convinced any of these names would make it out of camp, but would be surprised if none of them are picked up via UDFA.

    Offensive Center

    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Scott Quessenberry    117.0                4th
    Austin Golson              100.9               UDFA
    Casey Dunn                 100.5               UDFA

    I don't think Joey Hunt makes it to the 53 man roster, one of these 3 could potentially replace him.

    Defensive Tackle

    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Jullian Taylor                132.9                UDFA
    Sebastian Joseph        131.9                UDFA
    James Looney              131.8               6th
    Lord Hyeamang            129.7               UDFA
    Bilal Nichols                  119.2               5th
    Foley Fatukasi               118.4               4th/5th
    Andrew Brown              118.0                5th/6th
    Breeland Speaks          117.4                UDFA

    Every single one of these guys intrigues me somewhat, especially Julian Taylor and Sebastian Joseph, both are very athletic and may well be bought into camp.

    Defensive End

    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Tyquan Lewis              140.8               4th
    Ade Aruna                   133.8               4th/5th
    Kylie Fitts                     131.9               4th
    Leon Jacobs                130.1               4th/5th
    Joe Ostman                 129.0               7th
    Antonio Simmons         128.9               7th/UDFA
    Peter Kalambayi          127.6               6th/7th
    Jacob Martin                125.8               UDFA
    Marcell Frazier             123.4               7th/UDFA

    With the depth at EDGE looking pretty thin, again, a lot of these names intrigue me. I wouldn't be shocked with an early pick, a late pick and one or two UDFA's being bought in to compete this summer.


    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Matthew Thomas         149.8                7th/UDFA
    Oren Burks                  143.1                 6th/7th
    Zaire Franklin              138.9                 UDFA
    Genard Avery              134.2                4th/5th
    Fred Warner                 132.3                4th
    Marcus Newby            127.7                UDFA
    Emmanuel Smith         127.4                UDFA  
    Micah Kiser                 126.2                4th

    Another area the Seahawks are thin with depth, I'd be surprised if one or two of these guys aren't in Seahawks camp uniform this summer.


    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Christian Campbell     139.8               7th/UDFA
    Keion Crossen            137.5                UDFA
    Emmanuel Moseley    134.6                UDFA
    Avonte Maddox          132.9                4th
    Jordan Thomas           132.5               6th/7th
    Tafon Mainsah             132.2               UDFA
    Cameron Roane          132.2               UDFA
    Andre Chachere          129.5               7th
    Dane Cruikshank         129.2               UDFA
    Trevon Mathis              126.6               UDFA
    Grant Haley                 123.4                5th
    Tony Brown                 123.4                4th
    Tre Herndon                123.3                UDFA
    Darious Williams         123.2                7th
    Tarvarus McFadden    121.8                4th/5th

    Seahawks typically look for 32"+ arms, however they've proven a couple of times it's not an absolute necessity, especially for nickel corners. Dontae Johnson who was signed last week only has 31 1/2 inch arms for example.

    Names that really jump out at me, though, are Christian Campbell (33 1/2), Jordan Thomas (32), Andre Chachere (31 3/8) and Tarvarus McFadden (32 1/2) all really jump out at me. I'm confident at least one of those 4 will be picked up.

    Strong Safety

    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Troy Apke                    147.0               5th
    Terrell Edmunds          138.9               4th
    Warren Long               135.1               UDFA
    Trayvon Henderson     132.0               6th
    Foyesade Oluokun      128.6               7th
    Asantay Brown            126.9               UDFA
    Trey Marshall               125.1               UDFA
    Steven Parker              124.9               UDFA
    Siran Neal                   122.5               6th
    Tray Matthews             121.5               7th/UDFA

    Any of these guys could be bought in to compete in training camp, Troy Apke is a name to watch with one of the many 5th round picks the team currently holds.

    Free Safety

    Name                          SPARQ             Likely Round

    Joshua Kalu                 134.2                 7th
    Godwin Igwebuike      133.4                  4th/5th
    Jordan Martin              133.0                  UDFA
    Jamar Summers          126.6                  UDFA
    Natrell Jamerson          123.3                 7th
    Ryan Neal                     122.4                 UDFA
    Robert Taylor                121.5                 UDFA
    Anthony Sherrils           119.6                 UDFA
    Tray Mitchell                 119.4                 UDFA
    Tyree Robinson             119.0                 UDFA

    If Earl is moved, expect to see one or two of these names on the 90 man roster. Natrell Jamerson is picking up a lot of attention at the moment across the league and I suspect he goes earlier than he is currently projected here.

    Who are your favourite later round guys?
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  • great and fun write up thank you.
    we know that we have 4 5th round picks so we can do some work in that part of the draft.
    I have lots of guys I like late and I've started preparing a list yesterday to post at some point today.
    I wanted to address some of your guys that stand out to me, but also I think you are a bit soft on your projections as to which round they will go.
    Quentin flowers I agree wont be drafted but he seems to be a BJ Daniels clone and also from south florida.

    Ballage. so if you watch highlight films and senior bowl film it easy to be impressed, but if you watch actual game film you will be how easy he is to bring down and how little he fights for extra yardage. Demario Richard is actually the better back from Az St and he can be had in the 7th to UDFA.

    Josh Adams, I'm a big fan. he runs too upright but if he can change that aspect he could be a steal. he can catch as well. I agree 4th/5th is where he will go.

    Ryan Nall is a super duper sleeper. He is really underrated and he also showed at the combine that he can catch. I'd love to see if he can convert to FB/H-back.

    Cantrall, I like him, nice speed to size ratio and catches well. I think he will go closer to late 3rd early 4th but if hes there in the 5th we should snatch him right away.

    Gallup, I cant see him getting out of the 2nd round in this draft. He is talented and he showed that vs Alabama he was not scared of the moment. I don't think we will have a shot at him late in the draft.

    lazard, not my favorite big WR but decent. seems to me he would not be an upgrade over Darboh but size is of course interesting.

    Jaylen Samuels. someone somewhere will find a way to use him and he will be drafted. he's not TE the way some site list him and he's not really a fullback. I don't really know how he fits? maybe as a 3rd down back but ive never seen film of him pass blacking. I like him. I'd take him in the 5th/6th if he were available but someone will have to design a plan for him.

    Mark Andrews. is actually my favorite two way TE but he will go in the 2nrd round. no doubt in my mind. Geiseki and goddert might be better receivers but him blacking and catching ability is high quality. If we traded back into the 2nrd round and took him I would not throw a fit even though we have more pressing needs.

    Brian O'neil.the best athlete of the offensive linemen. I can see him getting past the 2nd round. his only real issue is strength as he can be plowed over and jolted back. but his feet are great and his upside is fantastic. I don't think we need Tackles. we forget Fant will be back this year. but I would not be unhappy if we traded back into the 2nd round and took him.

    Quesenberry: I'm a UCLA fan so I would pass on him. its like the Kolton Miller thing. the idea Miller is a 1st round pick is absurd to me and all other ucla fans. quessenberry is ok. a quality backup type guy. if he were there in the 5th/6th id be fine with it but not the 4th and I actually think teams will draft him earlier than that.

    Andrew brown, 5 start talent 2 start production. didn't we just do that with McDowell? Brown will be drafted but I wouldn't touch him until the 6th. he could have some pass rush value.

    Tyquan Lewis. I like this guy a lot and he is being undervalued.

    McFadden seems to have the physical requirement to be a hawk. but if you are a 6'2 corner from FSU and people see you as a 4th rounder there must be some problems with your game.

    Apke, heard some nice things about him. workout warrior
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  • Great post Jed, thanks for the insight! Always nice to hear differing opinions on these guys, makes you question yourself in a good way.
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