Why Jake Locker quit football... Amazing article.

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  • Great read, thanks for sharing.
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  • Natethegreat wrote:Great read, thanks for sharing.

    The part about him being a heavy drinker in college really surprised me. I always thought of him as a pretty straight arrow (which is still pretty true). A couple of other points:

    This article made me like Matt Hasselbeck even more then I already do, and he's already one of my all time favs.

    I always thought Jake should have gone the Scott Frost route and moved to safety in the NFL. I think he would have been a really good one, and maybe he would have had a longer career and enjoyed it more without the pressure of being the face of a franchise. But then again, he sounds pretty at peace with how everything went down, so I guess its not a big deal.

    I always wished he would have chose Oregon rather then UW. He would have been great in Chip Kelly's system. A better version of Jeremiah Masoli, who was really good in chips offense.
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  • After reading that I get it, it made sense. Seems crazy to walk away from millions.... but it was definitely the right choice for him.
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  • Thanks for linking. It’s a good read and I get it.
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