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Find it funny
Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:03 pm
  • We all know that Schneider is trading down, the Mediots know but nobody is getting a whiff of with whom and for what, everyone has us locked in at 18 with a caveat comment "will probably trade".

    Nobody has the balls to go out on a limb with any speculation that could have a real bit of insight.

    Why these days Mock drafts are copy cats for the most part a few player shifts but everyone so worried about being wrong.

    They don't want to spend time to know teams and needs and trends or their depth.

    They are really afraid of being wrong and losing website hits to the point it's laughable.

    I really think we get a trade back at 18 with a team wanting to move up for a skill position player, the jockeying for QB's is pretty much set already.

    Depending on what we get whether it's a high second or a low second and a possible third we may trade back a short drop agian in the second. We will also probably see Earl moved and get a 1st or a multiple 3rd and maybe a next year first or something from Dallas.

    We will walk out with 10 to 12 picks somehow.

    It all depends on which positions start making runs, RB is deep and teams may want one guy and move for him, we are at the right spot for that. It is a shallow draft for TE's however as well as O lineman, and needy teams may move to 18 to get a Olineman, or if valued high and missing piece thinking a TE.

    We will also maybe see a run on DT/ DE at this point Vita is slotted to go anywhere from 11 to 18, I think higher but if he drops I could see offers made as well and a few others wanting a instant starter.

    It really depends on which teams upsets the apple cart and does something that suprises and puts other teams that draft for need above BPA in a panic situation.

    Could Arizona make a move to guarantee they get their QB of the future, thats one team that many Mediots think will go after Lamar Jackson, could be, but maybe they shoot higher and want to make a move draft day.

    WR is also thin and Ridley may be a player needy teams go after and make a move for.

    Depending on the runs and the fact teams like us pull weird ass things and go after a player that most think will be there later creating drops of others and opportunities that teams didn't think they would have in the beginning we are sitting in a pretty good spot for trades.

    Schnieder also has the quantity over quality bug, we could trade back several times just to fill depth as much as we can as well. This may look like a day one bore for us once we get to 18, day two and three we may have picks all over, just not impact guys we will see day one.
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Re: Find it funny
Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:19 pm
  • Either that, or roll out some really outlandish choices just to be different and hope you hit gold.

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Re: Find it funny
Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:40 am
  • yet you both click and read them or watch them..... and I do too.

    It's all speculation, of course nobody knows whats REALLY going to happen. But it's entertaining....don't think too much about it.
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Re: Find it funny
Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:06 am
  • Another likely trade scenario would be for a team like TEN or PIT trying to jump in front of DAL to pick a MLB like Evans or Vander Esch.
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