My Final 7 Round Mock Draft Before the Real Thing

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    It’s time for the very last mock draft for the 2018 NFL draft.

    It’s always fun to do these as it really exposes you to what is possible in terms of trading up and down the board, something that this Seahawks front office is very familiar with.

    This mock involves a hell of a lot of trade up and downs to ultimately get where they want to be in the draft and I think it works out pretty well overall. They win some trades and lose some trades, such is life. We’re only talking a few points here or there though so nothing too dramatic. Here’s the trades that take place -

    Carolina want to get in front of the Cowboys for a WR so gets 1/18 to in exchange for 1/24 and 3/21

    Atlanta want to get in front of Tennessee for DL help so get 1/24 and 4/20 for 1/26 and 3/26

    Jacksonville and the Steelers both want safety help, the Jags jumps in front of them to 1/26 in exchange for 1/29 and 4/29

    Denver want to trade back into the first and get 1/29 in exchange for 2/8 and 3/7

    Seattle trades up with the chargers using picks 3/7 and 3/26 getting 2/16 in return

    The Earl trades does in fact get done sending him back home to Dallas in exchange for 2/18 and 4/16, the two teams also swap 3rd rounders (Dallas gets 3/21 Seattle get 3/17)

    Seattle also trades up in the 4th with the Packers receiving 4/1 in exchange for 4/29 and 5/4

    Miami wanted to trade back in the third, too. They sent 3/9 in exchange for 3/17 and 4/16


    2/8 – Ronald Jones II – RB

    Pete Carroll has said their priority is to fix the run game and that is exactly what Jones II will do. He may not be an every down back which is absolutely fine, but he is a difference maker. Some may say he doesn’t fit the typical Seahawk profile for a running back and I’d agree, however drafting at this position hasn’t really worked out overall over the years, so they change their philosophy and follow the tape with this pick.

    2/16 – Christian Kirk – WR

    Kirk has been linked with Seattle both from a visit and workout stand point so they are clearly interested in him. He is the perfect fit for an Air Coryell offense. He may be best suited to the slot moving Doug Baldwin outside which isn’t ideal as Doug does his best work in the slot but let’s be honest, the most underrated WR in the league can line up anywhere and do damage.

    With these first two selections it adds a huge influx of talent into the offense and, much to the relief of many, builds around Russell Wilson.

    2/18 – Ogbonnia Okoronkwo – EDGE

    Seattle finds their LEO. Ogbonnia is 6”1 and 253 so slightly shorter and lighter than Cliff Avril, but can likely build muscle up to easily get to 260 pounds. He is aggressive with a high motor, I’d expect Seattle to get some real use out of him even in his rookie campaign.

    3/9 – Isaac Yiadom – CB

    A typical Seahawks corner here. He fits the bill in terms of measurables perfectly and will very likely be the day 1 starter opposite Shaquill Griffin. If Maxwell is resigned I would expect him to start in the early part of the season but would bet money that by mid-season, Yiadom is a starter in this new defense.

    4/1 – Shaquem Griffin – LB

    I believe Griffin will be graded by most teams as a 4th or 5th rounder and Seattle feels obliged to move up to the top of day 3 in order to secure him. You can’t forget about the energy and philosophy Shaq will bring to this team. He has every chance to excel on special teams and contribute to the pass rush when the situation dictates.

    5/9 – Alex Cappa – OT

    Alex Cappa is a bit of a beast, often compared to a lumberjack. He has a nasty edge but does come from a very small school. He will certainly add competition to both guard spots as well as right tackle. Competition, competition, competition.

    5/19 –J.T. Barrett – QB

    We have heard all sorts recently about how the Seahawks want to get back to drafting quarterbacks and this is the year they do it. Barrett will be a developmental piece and may even be why Seattle eventually decides to carry 3 QB’s on the 53 man roster. He may not be ready to jump in should Russ go down in year 1, but after that? He will almost certainly be the backup of the future.

    5/31 – Natrell Jamerson – S

    Jamerson plays with instincts and football smarts. He will likely be a backup but a welcome addition to push guys along in camp. You can’t totally rule him out of forcing himself into a starting role. Something that would be very welcomed.

    7/8 – Poona Ford – DT

    Poona Ford has been linked to Seattle so this pick makes sense. He is very undersized in terms of height for a defensive tackle, but will be given the ability to compete in camp and show what he can do against NFL level talent.

    7/30 – Jacob Pugh – LB

    Another player linked with Seattle. The team needs depth at linebacker and Jacob Pugh adds exactly that at a very cheap price. He is never going to unearth K.J. Wright or Bobby Wagner out of their starting roles, but will certainly add depth to the position.
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  • That would be one hell of a busy war room but I could get behind this! Big fan of Jones II and Kirk, I think they're immediate impact players. Both love football and fit the Seahawks, I have a feeling Pete has been wanting a guy like Jones II since his Reggie Bush days. Tilt the field, big play at any moment like he wanted with Harvin. Plus, Doug is a terrific mentor for a hard working guy like Kirk who actually reminds me a lot of him.

    Carson and Jones would be an awesome step towards fixing the running game.
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  • Oh, that is one sexy draft.
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  • I like Poona and Jamerson :2thumbs:
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  • I like Kirk, but actually less for the Hawks than generally; as much as Doug can do work outside, lining up there heavily reduces his value and I think we're in for a pleasant surprise from Jaron Brown and Darboh (and I think there's a chance for another to show up too). Not a fan of Barrett as a QB at all, let alone picking him before late 7th or planning on him using a spot on the 53.
    On a side note, I'm not a fan of the format you used for the picks. Am I in the minority in preferring them to be called by where they slot overall?
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