Go Utah!

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Re: Go Utah!
Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:52 pm
  • Hawk-Lock wrote:Great game yesterday. The defense doesn't have the big names that the playoff team had from two years ago, but it might be even better. Seahawks probably won't even look at Byron Murphy because of his size, but he is going to be great in the NFL.

    Jake was pretty bad yesterday, missed some wide open guys and was off on passes. He missed Sample wide open down the field and on the trick play in the second half he had Bryant wide open which may have went for a TD. Jake is a great kid, but I'll be happy to see what is next. Got a feeling this offense is going to pop next season as I think we return everyone but three starters on offense.

    Feels great to be back in the Rose Bowl.

    Jacob Eason is next, a genuine 5-star player. Will he be great? That's a good question, the fear is that he will be another Justin Herbert, i.e., all the tools but lacks read comp and accuracy. We shall see but with the return of All-American Trey Adams at LT, Freshman All-American Hunter Bryant at TE, and a more experienced WR group, the offense could be great.
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Re: Go Utah!
Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:18 pm
  • Sports Hernia wrote:
    JSeahawks wrote:
    Uncle Si wrote:
    JSeahawks wrote:
    Probably beer pong. Maybe Fortnite. Either one of which I guarantee were more entertaining then that football game.

    And during the Rose Bowl

    Probably a drinking game for each 10 points Ohio State destroys UW by. Then we'll probably have about 8 ducks arrested for DUI's that night.

    That’s what you guys normally call Saturday night. 8)

    Have to spend phil knights per diem or they lose it
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Re: Go Utah!
Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:01 am
  • Larry Scott and the conference presidents have destroyed the P12 conference in football. The network is a joke. The officiating stinks. Our ADs are operating with one hand tied behind their backs because they don’t get the same level of shared revenue the other conferences get.
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