Stanford RB Bryce Love to Skip Bowl Game

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Stanford RB Bryce Love to Skip Bowl Game
Mon Dec 17, 2018 5:45 pm

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  • I dont blame a rb. 1 play and he isnt the same player.
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  • justafan wrote:I dont blame a rb. 1 play and he isnt the same player.

    ^^^^Totally agree, it' not worth it.
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  • Plus, if you aren't playing in a legitimate bowl game (Rose, Sun, Cotton, Sugar, Orange, and, maybe, Fiesta), you are doing us all a service by not participating in the stupidity of bowl mania.
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  • "So, you don't like playing football, eh? What's your true passion in life? Bowling? Golf?"

    -Me if I'm an NFL scout talking to this player (and also why I'm not an NFL scout).
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  • In my opinion it’s not different than skipping the Senior bowl or Combine. Or choosing not to do specific workouts at the combine. There is not player benefit to playing an additional game. The argument could be made that their value could be boosted by working with a private training staff with workouts designed to improve the skill sets measured at Pro Days put on by teams.

    Let’s put it this way.

    Player X chooses not to play in bowl game. Improves speed and quickness and attends the combine as well as Pro Days for teams of their choice. They may not pick the team they play for, but they can control WHO they perform for. Which may be more important long term.
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