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  • 1/11/2019; I'm old, retired, cranky, bored & I can't wait for the draft, so here is My WAY TOO EARLY (pre-post season) Mock 1.1. (with multiple trade downs). With only 4 picks, multiple trade downs will be the order of the day. PC/JS can do this!! All trades shown are of pretty equal values per the "New" trade chart. Obviously trade partners with the picks to spend in each trade are necessary to pull off these trades, however, these trades should be "reasonably close" to possible. Additionally, ALL Rankings WILL change some. NOTE: I'm sharing this because it illustrates the power of well done & equal trades that we MAY see in this draft and I kind of get some element of hope from the results.

    TRADE #1: The Seahawks trade #21(260.82) ---FOR--- # 31(190.21), #70(69.82) & 236(1.75)
    --Per "New trade chart" 260.82 vs: 261.78 points. -- Seahawks NET picks #31, #70 & #236,
    ………… a 10 draft position drop).
    TRADE #2: The Seahawks trade #31(190.21) ---FOR--- picks #34(174.89) & #137(16.18)
    --Per "New trade chart" 190.21, vs: 191.07 points. -- Seahawks NET picks #34 & #137,
    ………… (a 3 draft position drop).
    TRADE #3: The Seahawks trade #70(69.82)- --FOR--- picks #73(66.81) & #204(3.56)
    --Per "New trade chart" 69.82 vs: 70.37 points. -- Seahawks NET picks #73 & 204,
    ………… (a 3 draft position drop).

    Seahawks "Native picks" (--after-- trade down of their Native pick #21) = approx. 86*, 127* & 169*
    Approx. ---- post trades ---- Seahawks NET PICKS = #34, #73, #86*, #127*, #137, #169*, #204, & 236.
    Seahawks turn four picks into eight picks!! All are fairly realistic trades, assuming trade partners can be found. (xxx)= Current rankings from's 1/09/2019 update, (which still seems to be a little bit off from reality).

    #34----DT-Jerry Tillery(31), ***ALTERNATES: DT-Gerald Willis lll(58), -or- DE/EDGE-Jaylon Ferguson(60),
    #73----EDGE-D'Andre Walker(125), ***ALTERNATE: EDGE-Christian Miller(156), -or- DT-Greg Gaines(88),
    #86----WR-Andy Isabella(123), ***ALTERNATES: OG-Nate Herbig(110) -or- WR-Lil'Jordan Humphrey(112),
    #127---FS-Nasir Adderly(175), ***ALTERNATES: CB-Derrick Baity(196) -or- EDGE/OLB-Ben Banogu(145),
    #137---CB-Jamal Peters(NR), ***ALTERNATES: OT-Max Scharping(172), -or- OLB-Ben Burr-Kirven(165),
    #169---OLB?/SS?/Rover?-Sutton Smith(236), ***ALTERNATES: SS?/OLB?/Rover?-Chase Hansen(NR),
    #204---WR-Jalen Hurd(NR), ***ALTERNATES: OLB-E. J. Ejiya(212), -or- WR-Felton Davis lll(272),
    #236---OT-Jawaan Taylor(222), ***ALTERNATES: OLB-Ulysees Gilbert lll(237) -or- ILB-Terrill Hanks(294),
    UDFA's---WR-Dillon Michell(NR), OC-Keegan Render(336), OT-Tariq Cole(377), RB-Wes Hills(354)
    TE-Drew Sample(284), CB-JoeJuan Williams(251), OG/OT-Nate Herbig(390), QB-Easton Stick(279)=???
    + BPA @ Place Kicker ++ Sign current veteran FA's for OL, DL & Place kicker for competition at those positions.

    IMO: Ferguson, Walker, Miller, Smith, (et. al.) are especially under-ranked currently and will likely raise up in rankings by draft day. Any of the players or alternates available at picks #'s 34, 73 IMO are acceptable if they are available.

    I'm not fully sold on Tillery right now & I might prefer the alternates there, either Miller or Walker are solid picks based on team needs. I really like WR-Isabella (fast) early & WR-Hurd (tall) later. The balance of the draft depends on availability at those picks & also just depends on how the draft falls. Some of these listed UDFA's are ass kickers too.

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  • I think values are too 'pre combinish' at this point.

    I see Ferguson, Tillery and Walker to be taken between 18 and 35, but most likely on day one for all three.

    Miller and Willis look like they are right in the same kind of range (50-70).

    Love Isabella at that position. That's hardly a strong endorsement though. I have to wonder if I'm not giving him the Jared Abbrederis treatment. Loved him in R3, but he lasted well into R5. Done the same with Kenny Bell and Ryan Swope. So I tend to overvalue early/mid day 3 WRs and push them inappropriately to late R3.
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