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Fixing Seahawks pass rush in the draft & with FA signing(s)

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  • The most obvious need for the Seahawks is - more speed on defense especially in the pass rush area. There will likely be several options for the Seahawks to sign a veteran FA speed rusher prior to the draft and I'm sure they will bring in at least one. Because the Seahawks seem to like to double dip in the draft on their biggest needs, in my opinion, the Seahawks will not only sign at least 1 veteran FA pass rusher prior to the draft but will also draft a couple as well. After doing research and after watching a lot of tape, I have narrowed down the limited number of pass rushers in the draft to a couple of "realistic" targets for the Seahawks. I'd also expect the usual 1-st round trade down to rearrange their picks a bit. Of course, all of this is just in MY opinion, at this time, in the ongoing draft process.

    Below are 2 players I think they should TARGET in the draft, however, PC/JS may need to manipulate their picks a little to potentially get both. I believe the Seahawks will have at least 9 picks to work with allowing for WR, OL, TE, DB, LB, etc. to be selected in the same draft. "You can't have enough pass rushers" & below are a couple of players I feel the Seahawks should target in the coming draft. Both players have a lot of experience & both improved their stats each year, so, no 1-year wonders here.

    DT-James Lynch, Baylor, 6-4/295, (interior DT that moves around the DL & is disruptive as all hell, motor ++) Currently ranked #49-overall @ drafttek,com, a likely Rd-2 pick. A Junior, so he must declare for the draft by 1/20/20.

    2019: 14-games, 41-tkls, 23-solo, 19.5-TFL (#7 FBS), 13.5-sacks (#5 FBS), 5-PBU, 13-QBH, 3-FF and 2-Blocked Kicks (indicative of get-off, length, desire and speed, has "knack" for blocking kicks = a plus)
    2018: 13-games, 40-tkls, 24-solo, 9.0-TFL, 5.5-sacks, 2-PBU, 6-QBH, 1-BK
    2017: 11-games, 20-tkls, 15-solo, 5.0-TFL, 3.0-sacks,
    Career: 38-games, 101-tkls, 62-solo, 33.5-TFL, 22-sacks, 7-PBU, 19-QBH, 3-FF, 3-BK's.

    EDGE-Alex Highsmith, Charlotte, 6-3/244, (developmental, needs to add lbs. & strength, like most rookies.) Currently ranked #109-overall @ drafttek. com, a likely Rd-3 pick. (smaller school guy, but a man among boys.)

    2019: 13-games, 75-tkls, 43-solo, 21.5-TFL (#2 FBS), 14.0-Sacks (#3 FBS), 3-PBU, 8-QBH,1-FF.
    2018: 12-games, 60-tkls, 38-solo, 17.5-TFL, 3.0-sacks, 1-PBU, 8-QBH, 2-FF
    2017: 11-games, 33-tkls, 23-solo, 5.0-TFL, 2.0-sack, 7-QBH
    2016: 12-games, 17-tkls, 11-solo, 2.0-TFL, 1.0-sacks, 1-PBU, 1-QBH
    Career: 48-games, 185-tkls, 115-solo, 46-TFL, 20-sacks, 5-PBU, 24-QBH, 3-FF.
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  • Seattle could double dip. Given the parameters you'd provided here with draft mimicing current rating, I think they'll go:

    K'lavon Chaisson #51 Drafttek, but expect him to rise to 20-30 overall. One of my favorite prospects in entire draft.
    Raekwon Davis #60 Drafttek. Again, don't expect him here
    KJ Hamler #71 Drafttek. Could be gone here. Could also be available near our 3rd round comp pick. WR class is that stacked.

    I don't see it likely that we take a project speed rusher in this draft unless it's day 3. Far too much starter quality will be on the board at OT/OC/WR/DT. All four positions are imminent need positions. And while I agree, we may be aggressive in UFA for DE, that'll likely also mean that we skimp/bargain bin shop for those other 4 positions. They'll need to be addressed with competent 2020/21 rooks.

    The way the draft is shaping up early, it's easily conceivable we could get significant starter level answers for all 4.

    I could see us going slot archetype WR with one of the 2nd round picks. And then go with someone like

    Bryan Edwards (S Car) #195 Dtek -- listed at 215, but seriously looks swole and sudden. Not unlike DK. Gets to speed fast with a smooth stride and clear second gear. Hands way better in college than DKs.

    or Antonio Gandy-Golden (Liberty) # 141 Dtek.

    Really that's assuming that Pete isn't satisfied with Ursua. His usage now doesn't give me any reason to think he is. The reality will be that Seattle will be obligated to draft one before they get to see his second year bump.
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  • WR/RB/KR-Antonio Gibson, Memphis, 6-2/221, A WR I have spent some time researching is a favorite to me, in this deep WR class he may be overlooked. I'd expect he'll likely land in round 4/5 somewhere. The SMU tape is pretty impressive, this guy has some nice moves as well as some decent speed. Check the all purpose yards stat.

    2019 Highlights:\
    2019: 14 games, 38/735/19.3-ypc/8-TD's receiving, 33/369/11.2-ypc/4-TD's rushing
    +23 KO returns for 645 yds, 28.0-ypr/1-TD -- 1749-all purpose yds, 18.6-yds/play, 124.9-yds/game

    VS: SMU
    386 all purpose yards (32.2/yds per play), 97-yds rushing, 130-yds receiving, 159-yds returns,
    with 3-TD's of 50+ yds in this one game.........
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  • Pass rush and O line are our 2 biggest areas we need to address. Gonna need to use draft and FA on both imo
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