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Tyler Lockett 2015 Combine top performer

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Tyler Lockett 2015 Combine top performer
Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:34 pm

    Good play speed. Has twitch at top of his routes and gets separation for quarterbacks to make open throws. His father was a standout wide receiver at Kansas State and played in the NFL. Intelligent player on field who has clearly learned from his father. Nuanced route runner with ability to sell. Will vary route speed and is proficient with double moves. Scouts say his personal character and football character are top-notch. Has a knack for making explosive plays as a receiver and return man. Steps up his game when matched up against top competition across from him. Likes to block. ... id=2552430
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  • They need to draft this guy! I don't care if it takes trading 3 picks to get him.

    In all seriousness, that description is spot on.
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  • Was so happy we drafted him. Was one of my favorites that draft and actually hoped we'd take him with the Clark pick. I remember being seriously pissed when we picked Clark because I knew there was no way we'd get Lockett picking at the end of R3.

    I was out doing other things in the yard when my wife came and told me we took Lockett. I thought there was no way we took him end of R3. Then saw we made that 3 for 1 trade. Loved the move at the time. Displayed special WR skill on a week to week basis. I didn't care that he body catches almost everything and his hands are smaller than mine. Clearly those liabilities didn't impact his play the way they should on paper.
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