Levine Toilolo/TE/Stanford

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Levine Toilolo/TE/Stanford
Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:44 am
  • Is a Tight End who I wouldn't be surprised if the Hawks were in on. 6'8 (probably 6'7) and 265, great red zone threat, big target, lots of upside to go along with his imposing size. He seems to fit the bill. Should be interesting to see how he tests out at the Combine but he's a guy I'd certainly keep an eye on him. Ertz gets all the shine but Toilolo has a bright future as well. I haven't watched too much on Toilolo but I remember watching Stanford play WSU two seasons ago and coming away very impressed with his athletic ability and the fact that Stanford liked to move him around the field, which is what Seattle might want to do with him as the backup to Miller. I also like that he comes from a prostyle offense at Stanford. Wondering about him as a blocker though...

    Might be a sleeper the team can snag late with pretty decent potential if the team wants to stock up on DLine talent early on.

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Re: Levine Toilolo/TE/Stanford
Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:43 am
  • I previously wanted us to draft him late in the 5th. Looks good run blocking and in some pass pro. Ertz was obviously the main target and so Toilolo's receiving opportunities were limited. He sits in space well and his size makes it difficult to defend the ball against him. He didn't get targeted a whole lot and it would have been interesting to see what kind of production he'd of had if he hadn't been on the same team as Fleener and Ertz the last two years. Nice tall target for Wilson and could be the player Carroll wanted Evan Moore to be.

    Don't see him as a big play threat, and doubt he'll ever be a #1 TE, but he could help move the chains, offer a redzone threat and could be a valuable addition if we were able to get him in the 5th. Problem is, it looks like he drops a fair few very catchable balls, and Evan Moore did enough of that! However, Green Bay picked up Moore whilst Schneider was there and maybe Toilolo will be the kind of guy they might look to develop.
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