Do you like the live mock draft format?

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Would you like to do rounds two & three ?

Poll ended at Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:38 pm

No one round was fine.
I'd like to do a second round.
I'd like to do three rounds.
I'm a draft junky do all seven.
Total votes : 18

Do you like the live mock draft format?
Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:38 pm
  • With the number of draft wise people in here I think we could do another one the weekend before the real draft. But this time do like three rounds, the thing is I'm not sure if everybody agrees with the format I'm running or is there any changes (ie trades) that you'd like to see. I know if we did start doing trades I would "definitely" need help, 1. A trade officer to keep the trades REAL and beneficial for both teams or they get vetoed. 2. Someone tracking the board as far as draft order.
    If we went three rounds GMs would get two picks per round and 1 successful trade for the entire draft. I think any more then that it would become to unreal.

    I'd like to hear from you about what you think.... even if you think that I'm dumb. Nothing new to me. lol

    P.S. A following debate about the draft could be inspirational.

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  • I voted three rounds, the only thing I suggest is, instead of guys just posting first for a pick, actually assign teams to people. Maybe people can volunteer to be a certain teams GM. Like I will be the Texans GM.

    The trades would be cool, but you would definitely need a guy to monitor the trades.
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  • I think 3 round would be perfect. Another first-round only mock draft before then would be fun, too. We pulled it off yesterday with not too much trouble.

    If you wanted to keep it in the same format for 3 rounds, without trades, I think you could pull it off, but if you wanted to get more advanced, like trading picks, I'd add a couple changes.

    First, allowing people to trade picks would mean certain teams need to have designated GMs. The format of allowing anyone who post their pick first as what counts would make tradings picks more complicated. Maybe before the draft, you can ask people to volunteer to run two different teams, and the teams that go unfilled can be open to the public, with the first pick being it but no ability to trade. Or something like that. Teams with a GM can use .Net's PM service to discuss trades.

    Another thing that would be cool to see, no matter what format you end up doing, is if you use an online Google Excel app which can be open to the public and is changed in real time. uses this format and it works great to track picks & trades and makes it easy for people to see which players were selected ahead of them and even top prospects still on the board.

    I'll offer to help set up and run the Excel app if you need. PM me.
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  • We should get assigned a team or allowed to pick one, two if there isn't enough people, so we could pick by Need and BPA. It would improve the quality of our mock draft. Trades would be fun.
    Thanks for taking the time to do the last one I certainly enjoyed it CHAWKER

    edit cause I cant spell
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