Derek Stephens - ScoutTheSeahawks ranks the DEs

Discuss your thoughts about anything draft related. Mocks, College and Pro. Knock yourselves out!!! LANGUAGE RATING: PG-13
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  • I just hope I didn't put an end to the conversation. Lots of good info in there.
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  • It's not your fault. I'm pretty sure it was me that scared him away. It seems like he took some of my comments personally when they weren't intended that way at all. The internet sucks sometimes.
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  • Shut your mouth kearly. A big fish from another pond showed up here, gills flared to portray size, and you defended your pond. I'm pretty damn proud...honestly.

    You have no choice but to disagree with my analysis above, but, my opnion will remain unchanged.

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  • Just like other bloggers who have stopped in from time to time, he probably has his own site and work to deal with. Nice exchange of observation techniques but the forewarning on how to go about doing what one does surely wouldn't lead to an extended discussion.
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