Official mockdraft contest thread.

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Re: Official mockdraft contest thread.
Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:41 am
  • As per the rules in the OP, all mocks submitted by noon the day before the draft, the winner is Team of the Century with 5 spot on picks and two bonus points for getting Hawks player selections. A couple of you (hasselbeck, 875) did better in late submittals as per your last edit timestamp, but rules is rules. Any of you going by J's cut off thread are SOL, you didn't know anything about his unofficial cutoff before you posted, so going by it afterwards is bogus. The OP said noon, Wednesday. Last year we went right up til draft time, and a verbatim mock from Rick Gosselin kind of made a mockery of our mocks. Thus, the rules. Mocks the day of rely more on inside info leaking than anything else.

    Team of the century, post me your addrss and I will get you your card. I can't speak for Diags, but I am sure a PM to him will get you tickets. Good job. Start saving for your plane tickets, dude.

    To all applicants, thanks for playing, and this was the toughest draft yet to forecast. I noticed many of us were a spot off on damn near everything.

    There is always next year... (also, double check your scores, 2 for every perfect pick, one for every correct player to correct team in the wrong draft slot, and one for every pick of the Hawks you got right, my brain gets pretty confused staring at the screen for an hour)
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Re: Official mockdraft contest thread.
Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:55 am
  • Thanks Scott for running this. TOTC, PM me your snail mail address and an e-mail address. I will mail you the tickets once I get them. I rather not have to use the Will Call to send you the tickets but if that is your preference, I will use your e-mail address to automate that. As mentioned, I am leaning toward the Rams as the game, but starting to think Jaguars (hee hee .. I am a jerk!). I think the tickets show up around Aug 1st or so.

    EDIT: Oops, just saw that TOTC is traveling. We can talk if you were thinking Rams.
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Re: Official mockdraft contest thread.
Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:25 pm
  • Thanks Scottee and doc, for putting it on and for offering the awesome prizes.
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Re: Official mockdraft contest thread.
Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:01 pm
  • Thanks to Scottemojo and drdiags. I certainly didn't expect to win and I'm very appreciative. I don't think I'll be bragging as it was actually quite humbling to try to put all the names together. I started to over think it before the deadline and changed one pick I shouldn't have before the deadline - Jarvis Jones to Pitt - b/c there was talk of their interest in a DB. I almost didn't enter (and nearly deleted my entry) because I was thinking there would be too many trades and difficult to project the entire first round of other teams. I was just more interested in prospects that could be on the Seahawks radar. So, I'm most satisfied about getting 3 of those correct (Ty Powell, Jared Smith, Christine Michael). I loved watching Texas A&M last season - mostly for Manziel, but Christine Michael also got my attention. I wasn't thinking RB for Seattle until after they released Leon Washington. I was thinking they could be looking at backs like Michael or Latavius Murray (who played at nearby UCF and was drafted by the Raiders.) Probably as most of you, I figured Michael might be in play after seeing that tweet of his interest in the Hawks. That was enough suspicion for me to at least list him in the 20. I didn't see links between either T. Powell or J. Smith and the Hawks - but, listed them since they would be intriguing players that could be good fits for the Seahawks.

    Anyway... I've got two boys who have never been to CenturyLink Field, to a Seahawks game, nor to any NFL game for that matter. They've only been out to a few Buccaneers practices. But, they are definitely Seahawks fans! It's awesome to see 2 of my kids beginning to share my lifelong passion for this team. It would be quite a trip and I hope to get another ticket near those seats to be able to take both of them to whichever Seahawks game it ends up being at CenturyLink Field for their very first NFL game experience!
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