Interesting Steeler strategy w/rookies

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Interesting Steeler strategy w/rookies
Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:12 pm
  • Once they make the final cut, they have the rookie recommend family members for the organization to talk to. They bring the family members in to the facility and talk to them about building a support system for the rookie. Apparently it's to help them realize the importance of their career and how it effects family, and to keep them out of trouble while supporting them if they do get in to trouble.
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  • Rapelisburger must have been an orphan, either that or his family just didn't give a sh!t.
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  • onanygivensunday wrote:Rapelisburger must have been an orphan, either that or his family just didn't give a sh!t.

    Well I think his parents probably sold their bar and went under cover is the problem.

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  • They are supporting the wrong guys. The ones who need it are the ones who have
    their hopes shot and dreams shattered by getting cut.

    I will support this point of view by reminding you of a DT from Syracuse named
    Wes Dove who was in the Seahawks camp years ago. After getting cut by Seattle
    and failing to catch on with anyone else, he went into the back yard of his
    parent's home and shot himself dead.
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  • One example of a guy not making the cut doesn't prove a trend. I don't believe the NFL is responsible for people they no longer employe. They are responsible for the players and I like this story. I also wish larger chunks of money went into 401k funds erc for the players. I just read the uncertain story and was surprised to find out that rebook out some $50 million in a fund he won't get until he is 55 or something. They knew he had issues and set something up that would be there long term. Now the guy is broke but if he can fix his life he can have a nice retirement. Giving 18 year olds millions and not expect issues is naive....
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