If I had to buy future stock in a college program

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  • Mike Bellotti knew coaching talent, more then maybe any coach the last 15 years. Chip Kelly, Chris Petterson, Jeff Tedford, Dirk Koetter, Mark Helfrich and soon Justin Wilcox.

    kearly wrote:
    JSeahawks wrote:I'm not sure if I agree with the Pete Carroll angle. I love Pete. He's a great coach and I'm not sure there's any coach in the NFL i'd trade him for. He does put together amazing staffs, but there's no evidence that he produces great head coaches.

    So far his tree is Kiffin, Sark and now Gus Bradley. I think Sark is probably the most promising of that bunch but overall its a pretty underwhelming group, imo.

    I didn't say he produced great head coaches. I said he knows coaching talent. Tom Cable, Dan Quinn, Jeremy Bates, Kippy Brown, Kris Richard(!), and Ken Norton jr. are all terrific assistant coaches. I even like Darrell Bevell, even though he's basically Greg Knapp 2.0.

    I guess you could argue that he hasn't produced great head coaches yet, and fair point, but it's still pretty early for that. Even though he was at USC for a long time, it's somewhat uncommon for college level assistant coaches to get noteworthy head coaching jobs. He's only been in the NFL for 3 years, and he's already gotten one of his assistants a head coaching job.

    Also, Kiffin was most likely a case of quasi-nepotism (Carroll considers himself a disciple of Lane Kiffin's father).
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  • That's a pretty good list. Wilcox is a terrific coach for UW. Not that I want Sark fired, but if they gave Wilcox Sark's HC job, I probably wouldn't complain in all honesty. I think he brings more to the current UW team than anybody.
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  • I like this topic, treating the schools like stock.

    My picks,
    Ultra conservative stock: Alabama or Oregon. Both schools have consistently preformed well, but if they are stocks I would be buying when their stock is at its highest.

    Stocks trending up: UCLA and Ohio St. are two schools whose stock had been underachieving but whose stock went up last year and should continue to rise.

    Penny stock: Mississippi St, this is a high risk high reward investment. Mississippi St is on a two year probation but they have a hand-full of NFL talent on the defensive side of the ball that have the size and speed that the Seahawks like in their defensive players. They started off red hot last year, but ended the season with a thud.
    A few of the players to watch are,
    (MLB) Benardrick McKinney: He is a long LB in the mold of KJ Wright. McKinney is 6-5 235 lbs, he is only a sophomore and won't be eligible until the 2015 draft. He has the potential to be a 1st round pick when he enters the draft. Here is a quick article on him. ... l-sec-team
    (DE) Preston Smith: Smith at 6-6 245 lbs is a junior that may be a player that comes out of nowhere to catch some NFL draft momentum during this season.
    (DE) Denico Autry: Autry is another long DE at 6-5 255 lbs. He is projected to be the best of Mississippi's St defensive ends this year.
    (DT) Nick James: James is only a sophomore and may not be a starter this year, but at 6-5 345 lbs he has the size that is intriguing.
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  • CPHawk wrote:
    sc85sis wrote:Next year is the last year of scholarship sanctions for USC.


    That's a very big deal. Especially how USC recruits. Being able to have 85 guys on scholarship opposed to 75 strengthens USC while at the same time taking talent away from other powerhouse programs likely recruiting the same kids.

    Agree with English too, Kiffin's time is winding down as well.. USC with a legit coach + no probation = title contender again.
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  • If I had to invest in a program it would be Colorado. Can only go up baby!

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  • Penn St.
    O'Brien is doing an excellent job with the hand that he has been dealt.
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  • I'm liking Cal too. I love their new head coach. I don't know how good they'll be (i'm sure they'll struggle this year) but they're going to be fun to watch, especially offensively. And I wouldn't be surprised to see them trend up in the next 5 years.
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  • Attyla the Hawk wrote:Mora has a lot of Carroll in him. Very vibrant. He exudes energy and charisma. The fact that he's been able to stand toe to toe and win against the likes of Lane Kiffin for the top recruits is understandable. If he can put it together in the next year or two, I can see him having a Carrollesque run in the next decade. SC is going to have to fish or cut bait because Kiffin simply cannot compete with Mora at virtually any level. The real impact of the sanctions are going to be felt in 2013/14 as the lack of depth is going to be most pronounced right now. And if UCLA gets to a point where they have a class that never lost to SC, they could be headed to a dark down period like the 80s/90s. Mora already can lock up just about any recruit that SC wants right now.

    Don't offend Carroll like that. I personally think Mora is a tool.
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  • Mora is a tool, but at least so far, it seems like he is the right fit for a college coach, which is what everyone said when they were beating the drum for Mora to replace Ty at UW. Personally I don't like the guy because of what he did with the Seahawks and his attitude but I think he's found a home in college football and I respect that. Then again, it wasn't like there wasn't insanely underutilized speed and talent leftover from Slick Rick and all Mora had to do is ditch the pistol, hiring a good coordinator and he's in the pac 12 title game.

    Kiffin's time is short, so I'd buy stock in USC. It's going to be another couple years before they fully recover from sanctions and Kiffin has kept them competitive in a Lambrightian way during that time. It seems callous to can him after he put up with the whole mess, but hiring his dad was a complete disaster, he's had trouble keeping them motivated and really being the type of coach that succeeds at SC. Whoever follows him will do pretty damn well.
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