Need some advice / feedback on draft

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Need some advice / feedback on draft
Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:06 am
  • Hey all,

    I'm in two 8 man leagues this year, both standard. I've just had the first draft this Sunday and I would appreciate some help to know where I may have gone wrong ready for the next draft tomorrow.

    On Sunday's draft I was randomized to pick 1st (not what I was wanting), I came out with the following...

    R1 - P1: Antonio Brown: No brainer really, seems to be in mid-season form already and will be an even bigger part of offense due to Steeler suspensions.

    R2 - P16: Le'veon Bell: Really my only chance at getting an elite scoring back after waiting so long since first pick. Didn’t feel great picking Steelers so often but the draft fell that way.

    R3 - P17: Brandon Marshall: Really hoping he continues his form from last year with Fitzpatrick and, more importantly, stays healthy. Think I’ve reached here (Mike Evans was still on board).

    R4 - P32: Jordan Reed: Can be swapped with next pick really, Reed was my #1 ranked TE and I felt I had to come out of draft with him. IF he stays healthy it will be like playing another WR.

    R5 - P33: CJ Anderson: Best RB left on the board with a high volume of touches forecasted. Solid but not spectacular.

    R6 - P48: Thomas Rawls: I believe in Thomas Rawls. It may take a few games but I think he will become the feature back for Seattle again as the season goes on. I’m hoping to reap the benefits of this at the business end of season.

    R7 - P49: Ben Roethlisberger: Ugh…this was 4th QB off the board. I wanted to maximize my output with Antonio Brown in the bag and the fact that Steelers RBs score a lot of passing points. I think I’ll steal a couple of wins this season with this pick (pun intended).

    R8 - P64: Chris Ivory: Should get goal line work and have some good games when the matchups work. Having said that I don’t like this pick and feel it’s too boom or bust.

    R9 - P65: Seahawks Defense: Denver defense was also on the board. This was first defense picked and I went with my heart. I’m not confident that we’ll be a great scoring defense this year if preseason has shown anything, but I’m hoping I’m wrong. In an 8 man league I also think it’s important to get a balanced team as there are enough good WRs and RBs around for everyone.

    R10 - P80: Sterling Shepherd: Bought into hype. Could be laughing.

    R11 - P81: DeAngelo Williams: Instantly felt better about Bell pick.

    R12 - P96: Derrick Henry: Hope he usurps Murray (unlikely, but the situation for huge points is positive).

    R13 - P97: Dan Bailey: Feel Prescott will move the chains well but even with Elliot may struggle to score TDs. Hoping Bailey benefits by scoring a ton of FGs.

    R14 - P112: DeSean Jackson: No idea why he lasted this long.

    R15 - P113: Corey Coleman: Pure potential and yet I still feel I’ve wasted a pick.

    I feel the above draft is a bit “swing for the fences”. If players stay fit I should score huge points some weeks, but if only a couple go down I will be in trouble. Also feel like my depth is lacking (there are notable players still available on waivers including Christine Michael, Dwayne Allen, Jameis Winston etc). Is there anything I should change tactically for my other draft?
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