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    ....sorry, didnt even notice

    Got bored tonight and decided to hit up anyone on my friends list if they were down with a friendly game of madden. Fellow league member Angry Afghan3 (thats his gamertag, not sure what it is here) said he was down for a match up, and it was one of the most fun games i have ever played.

    We didnt play as the teams we represent in the league, instead chosing teams we were less familiar with; AA3 chose the Texans, who he had never used before. And i chose the Eagles who I have only played once.

    Here is how it went down:

    The game starts off rather slow. I pick off a pass from AA3 when he is nearing the redzone, only to have my drive go 3 an out.

    I believe we each had short drives ending in punts before the game got interesting.

    AA3 drove the ball down the field methodically and scored on a 4th and 1 sneak by Schaub with only 1:38 left in the half.

    I get the ball back and hit maclin deep for a large gain. 2 plays later i hit Maclin on a shorter route, who breaks a tackle and scores with :38 left. 44 yard play. AA3 decides to let the clock run down and head in to half 7-7.

    I get the ball at half time and have another slow drive, and i punt.

    I was able to hold AA3 on his next drive, only when I thought i could break a tackle on the punt return...i was wrong. Jackson fumbled and a few plays later Slaton scores from 5 yards out. 14-7 with 3:17 left in the 3rd.

    I come back and hit Maclin on a hitch route - that was more like a slant do to the heavy blitz - he breaks a tackle then gets a block and uses his speed to get into the endzone for a 41 yard score. 14-14 with :36 left in the 3rd.

    AA3 comes back on his next drive and takes me down the field. He gets right down by the goalline and was stuffed on 3 strait plays. At this point its 4th and goal from 1-2 yards out. He decides to try that sneak again. This time his O-line didnt get any push and schaub fell to the ground at the 1. no TD. Turnover on downs. there is about 2:35 on the clock.

    I get the ball back and blast two FB runs to make the first down. I chew some clock essentially playing for overtime. Then i hit maclin on a deep route and got me to around mid field. I attempt to get the first, but am stopped. 4th and 2. I am out of field goal range, and their is 30 seconds on the clock. I decide to go for it. I call a play designed for short yardage, but hot routed it looking for something different. I had Maclin and Jackson going on deep routes, Celek doing a 3 yard hitch, Curtis doing a shallow cross, and westbrook shooting to the left flat. I let the clock run down to about 10, then snap the ball and am looking deep. There was nothing available immediately so i hit Celek on his quick hitch. 1st down.

    Time out. 6 seconds left.

    If i get about 10 yards i am in field goal range, and i have a time out to use if i cant get out of bounds.

    I call a slant play, looking for that yardage. Looking at his Defense i knew i couldnt get it and a time out, so i hot routed Maclin and Jackson to fly routes. I snapped the ball, and chucked it up to Jackson. The ball was tipped by the defender and miraculously landed in Jacksons hands. He took 2 more steps into the endzone as time expired (and then i kicked the unneeded PAT).

    Final score 21-14. That game was AMAZING.

    here are the stats:

    McNabb - 135.4 rating. 5 of 10 for 167 yards and 3 TD's.
    Schaub - 58.5 rating. 9 of 15 for 123 yards and an INT.

    Rushing -
    Slaton - 13 attempts for 54 yards and a TD.
    Westbrook - 5 attemtps for 20 yards.
    McCoy -4 attempts for 23 yards.
    Weaver - 2 attempts for 10 yards.
    Maclin - 2 attempts for 25 yards.
    Leach - 2 attempts for 7 yards
    McNabb - 2 attempts for 3 yards
    Schaub - 2 attempts for 2 yards and a TD.

    Recieving -
    Maclin - 3 for 119 yards - 2 TD's
    Johnson - 6 for 67 yards.
    Slaton - 3 for 21 yards.
    leach - 1 for 15 yards.
    Celek - 1 for 7 yards
    Jackson - 1 for 41 yards and a TD.
    Daniels - 1 for 13 yards
    Davis - 1 for 7 yards

    No sacks
    INT by Demps.

    what a game.
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  • That sounds like a good game!

    Im guessing this is on the Xbox? If ya had a PS3, Id be down.
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  • What's up smurf! You did a sweet job summerzing the game, one of the best games I have played and yeah I am angry afghan3, hopefully we can play again sometime soon!
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