Seems like a great year for waiver wire and trades

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  • Steve Smith is currently #3 in fantasy points for WRs, and I got him off waivers after week 1. Another player I picked up off waivers that week was Ahmad Bradshaw, who is current #4 in fantasy points for RBs. Both players have been consistent producers too. I just dealt both of them straight up for Aaron Rodgers in time for his huge game against the Bears. The crazy part is, I think I actually overpaid. Smith and Bradshaw have looked great this year.

    Matt Asiata, Darren Sproles, Lamar Miller, and Chris Ivory all went undrafted or were picked very late, and all of them are in the top 11 for fantasy RBs right now.

    Kelvin Benjamin and DeAndre Hopkins are both in the top 10. Sandwiched between them is Eddie Royal, who's been coming on very strong the last 3 weeks and has had no fewer than 6 targets in any game.

    Meanwhile, most of the big names in fantasy are really struggling this year. There's a lot of weird stuff happening, like Emmanuel Sanders having the 3rd highest targets per game of any NFL WR while Demaryius Thomas languishes.

    If there was ever a fantasy season to win big with no name players, this is the year to do it.
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  • It's been a boon for me. Hopkins has been crazy consistent which is why I'm currently trying to trade him for Delanie Walker (owner has J. Thomas) another one of those unexpectedly great low round/waiver wire picks.
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  • I play in a very competitve 14 team league where all of the guys you listed were drafted and not in the last 2 rounds. Even with that I've been working the waiver wire and the trades quite a bit. I picked up Justin Forsett and packaged him with Desean Jackson for Josh Gordon (who was drafted). I also got lucky and managed to convince someone to trade me Frank Gore for Shane Vereen. Managed to grab Mckinnon too. I snagged Larry Donnell off the waivers without even blowing my waiver spot. Now I have a solid roster that I think could win the league but I'm trying to see about upgrading at a few key spots with players who have good fantasy playoff schedules. This week my team went off and I scored 162 and moved into first place, despite having Jamaal Charles kill me weeks 1/2.
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  • Asiata, Bradshaw, and Lamar Miller have out-scored my first pick in the non-IDP league Forte and McCoy who I traded for. I also picked up Ingram before week 1 and he was looking real solid so when he comes back I should be pretty stacked @ RB.

    Hoping I can land McKinnon or Dennard Robinson this week, I'm last in both leagues so long shot but I might trade to get McKinnon.

    All in all, I'm glad I didn't reach in the IDP league for a RB and selected Jimmy Graham #1(all of Peterson, Forte, McCoy, Lacy, Charles, etc were long gone), then went LB/RB and ended up with Morris, and selected Miller late along with Ingram, like last 3 rounds.
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  • I agree. I have never come across a year like this, with so many options on the WW.

    Right now, I couldn't trade away my top players who are current busts. (i.e. Keenan allen, Zac Stacy, etc, etc)
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  • I hear yah on Keenan Allen, however I picked him up in a swap of Patterson for him, I think I'll just have to hold on to him and hope that when he is healthy he'll start performing like he did last year but I'm hoping a couple solid weeks then I'll try dealing him for a player like Stacy, Ryan Mathews, some other bench RB.

    I'm really tempted to drop him for a Mike Evans/Hunter/A.Robinson at the moment, I love my long shots on waivers.
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