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Perfect video - Adam Ray's Seahawks fan checklist

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  • That was great thanks for sharing!
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  • That was great
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  • Loved It.
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  • lol that was good!

    I'll have to insert the "go hawks" into conversations more often now
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  • Looks like there are a lot of Hawk fans in LA.

    Did not expect to see Wee Man. Mind blown.
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  • My personal goal in life is to have a midget sidekick.
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  • kearly wrote:Looks like there are a lot of Hawk fans in LA.

    Did not expect to see Wee Man. Mind blown.

    For the record, that's not Wee Man... It's Adam's podcast partner & fellow comedian, Brad Williams.
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  • Adam Ray and Brad Williams are great. Last year they had some especially good banter considering that Williams is a Broncos fan.
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  • OK, who else lost it at the bird droppings? LOL
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  • I liked this quite a bit. Well dun sire, well dun.
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  • peachesenregalia wrote:Is that Zeb at 0:52?

    That dude wishes he was Zeb, but he pulls off the Bennett dance quite well.
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