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  • March 8, 2017 - Hour 1

    A whirlwind of news flew in and Brock and Salk are ready to break it down. Need To Know: The Seahawks and Adrian Peterson have mutual interest with one another, Sheil Kapadia of ESPN reports that the Seahawks did not tender contracts to DeShawn Shead and Brock Coyle, Gonzaga wins their 5th straight WCC tournament and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman says the Phoenix Coyotes "cannot and will not" continue to play in their current arena. John Clayton's Morning Drive breaks down AP, O-Line links and Brandon Marshall signing with the Giants. Coors Light "Blue 42" talks about possibly re-signing Justin Britt now and what do the Seahawks do if they sign AP? ... 07&n=Brock and Salk

    March 8, 2017 - Hour 2

    Brock and Salk talk about Russell Wilson and your thoughts what you like and dislike about him, if he can connect with his teammates and the family photo recently posted that has many people scratching their head and whether or not the Seahawks met expectations this season. Good News, Bad News, No News: Seahawks do not tender DeShawn Shead and Brock Coyle, Gary Bettman says the Coyotes cannot and will not continue to play in their current arena and Tim Tebow makes his Grapefruit League debut. ... 07&n=Brock and Salk

    March 8, 2017 - Hour 3

    Salk gets historical as he talks about the Seahawks "Empire" and why empires fail eventually. Can the Seahawks adapt in time to get a few more years before falling down? Today is International Women's Day and the guys discuss the future of women's sports. Brock and Salk get into power and shagging fly balls in "Answer The Question, Jerk!" ... 07&n=Brock and Salk


    CBS and SI baseball writer Jonah Keri on why the Mariners are contenders

    Jonah Keri, baseball writer for CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated, joins John Clayton to talk why he's high on the Mariners' chances in 2017. ... 141&n=John Clayton

    March 8, 2017 - Hour 1

    The top five stories of the day:Â Mike and Mike question the Seahawks' ability to protect Adrian Peterson if he signs, Sheil Kapadia reports the non-tenders of DeShawn Shead and Brock Coyle, Brandon Marshall signs with the New York Giants, Scot McCloughan remains MIA and Dirk Nowitzki eclipses the 30,000 point mark in his career. Dave Wyman joins John to talk about free agency and The Professor goes Behind the Lines with Gee Scott. ... 141&n=John Clayton

    March 8, 2017 - Hour 2

    Jonah Kari of CBS and Sports Illustrated joins John Clayton as he discusses the state of baseball, the proposed rule changes, how social media and baseball should operate going forward and much more. John takes your text-in questions about every single potential free agent in the NFL. The Groz joins The Professor to discuss his time down in Las Vegas right now. ... 141&n=John Clayton

    Bob Groz Tom

    Danny O'Neil on how the Seahawks should approach free agency

    Danny talks with Tom and Gee Scott about the Seahawks' options in free agency, whether Adrian Peterson has a serious chance of joining the team, and why quarterbacks like Mike Glennon earn too much money. ... 1014&n=Bob, Groz and Tom

    March 8, 2017 - Hour 1

    Tom is joined by Gee Scott for a special edition of The Show of Record. They talk about all of the free agency news that has surfaced so far. What can Kyle Shanahan do with Brian Hoyer and Pierre Garcon in San Francisco? Then, with one loss, should Gonzaga get the one seed in the NCAA Men's tournament? Plus, on "Wait a minute, what?", Tim Tebow's cactus league debut was slightly more successful than you might have suspected. ... 1014&n=Bob, Groz and Tom

    March 8, 2017 - Hour 2

    Tom and Gee Scott discuss what the newest free agency moves could mean for the Hawks and J.J. Watts' recent comments about kids sports. Should kids be encouraged to play a variety of sports, or specialize in the one that they are best at? Then, can the Mariners fight and win more one-run games than last year and the guys review the biggest stories of the day on "The Halftime Show". Plus, your questions are answered on "Have an opinion already". ... 1014&n=Bob, Groz and Tom

    March 8, 2017 - Hour 3

    Danny O'Neil joins the show to talk about everything Seahawks fans need to know going into free agency. Should the Hawks try to pick up Adrian Peterson or is he more of a liability than an asset? Who are intriguing offensive linemen available in free agency? Then, Tom asks Gee's opinion on NCAA Men's conference tournaments. Is it right that the top team in a conference can be knocked out of the tournament because of one game? Plus, we get "The Big Payoff" and "Parting Shots". ... 1014&n=Bob, Groz and Tom

    Danny Dave and Moore

    March 8, 2017 - Hour 1

    With the rumors surrounding Adrian Peterson potentially coming to Seattle, Danny, Dave and Jim start the show off by considering whether or not his acquisition would be worth it for the Hawks. Or would they be better off taking someone like Joe Mixon in the draft? Both players have had off-field scandals, so how does that factor in to their value? From there the guys are joined by Zach Banner, a Tacoma native who is entering the NFL draft after finishing his time as an offensive tackle at USC. Banner talks about his preparation for the draft, his work ethic and what he's doing to give back to the community in Tacoma. ... 13&n=Danny, Dave and Moore

    March 8, 2017 - Hour 2

    John Clayton, "The Professor", joins the show to break down all the free agent moves that are set to take place starting tomorrow, including what players the Seahawks are eyeing to pick up. Plus, will Tony Romo end up in Houston? Denver? Somewhere else? And after that the guys shift focus towards the PAC-12 basketball tournament where the UW Huskies will need a win against USC in order to extend their season. If the Huskies are to fall, will that mean that Lorenzo Romar has coached his final game for UW? Danny, Dave and Jim explore all the options the Husky athletic department could take. After that we finish today's show by sweeping the dial covering Tim Tebow's continued pursuit of a professional baseball career, Brent Musberger's next move and LaVar Ball's knack for not holding back whe ... 13&n=Danny, Dave and Moore
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