Clayton on 2015 big money Free Agents

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Clayton on 2015 big money Free Agents
Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:59 pm
  • John Clayton was talking with Peter King about Free Agency, and King says "Free Agency is a buyer beware, because you don't know what that player is going to do when he gets all that money. Guys get paid huge money, and they rarely live up to what they were paid"

    And Clayton busted out some stats: "2015 free agency, 13 players signed for 8 million plus, only 4 left on those teams" ... %20Clayton

    I am so thankful for John and Pete, and the seismic shift they brought to this front office. Draft and groom your own players, giving the majority of 2nd and 3rd contracts to those players.

    Wait out Free Agency and let the lesser teams blow all their money on "exciting" FA acquisitions, then pick up the good players for a song, and groom them to be great.

    Occasionally, shoot for the moon by trading a 1st round pick for an game breaking player. I believe the only success they've had has been with Jimmy Graham, and we will see what a difference maker he can be this year. Had he been healthy all of 2015 and 2016, the number of wins and SuperB Owl appearances would be increased.

    The others I think were good risks when you consider how high our 1st round picks were, and how much of a crap shoot late 1st rounders can be. Sure, you can point to a late 1st round pick success story here and there, but it's rare that anybody could have predicted that players success. Compare it to all the late 1st round failures.

    Now look at what teams like Cleveland and Buffalo are doing, compare that to what teams like Seattle, New England and Denver do.
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