Get the feeling we are being laughed at?

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Get the feeling we are being laughed at?
Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:33 am
  • Free agency. Big chance to improve your team. God knows we need a big shot in the arm this offseason. Everybody is out there making moves. We throw a ton of money at a pitiful lineman coming off a major knee and a RB that is so hungry to prove himself that he goes to audition meetings at 267 lbs. We have to get a discount for these guys right? Nope.

    Would either of these guys make anywhere near that money from anyone else? Would either of them even be signed right now?

    I have to think other teams are looking at our offseason to this point and just laughing and pointing. Been a long time since it has felt like this. Do they have a rabbit in their hat that is yet to be pulled out?
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