Certain teams just seem to have Wilson figured out

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  • If you look back over Wilson's career you'll see a trend and it's been frustrating every season. It seems that the teams we play the most just know something about him. In years past, the Rams have always made him look inept. Our offense has looked woeful against the Panthers, Tampa Bay, or even Minnesota a few years back. Yes, the line sucks but I can't help but feel that some defenses just have Wilson figured out. Next week, the offensive line will look improved and so will Wilson. We might go on a run and think we've improved until we play another "good" team and lay another egg. Or maybe he is playing too conservatively in the tight games because he's been coached to protect the ball as one mistake can change everything?
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  • You might be right. But, it may be as simple as the emergence of a resilient running mate to bump start the offense.

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  • You could say the same thing about Aaron Rodgers and the Hawks defense. They couldn't score a point until Russell's fumble. If not for that, I question if they would have actually scored

    What all those teams have in common is that they had great defenses. Even elite Qbs with better O-lines struggle against them
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