DE Branden Jackson promoted from the practice squad

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  • Hells yes. LA has undoubtedly been game-planning for March-Lillard. Switching him out for Jackson at the last minute? Shrewd move, Pete!
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  • Pic is upside-down.
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  • Pandion Haliaetus wrote:Pic is upside-down.

    No it isnt
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  • Pro Football Focus’ Week 5 Pass Rush Productivity Leaders among 4-3 DEs (Pre-MNF)

    Branden Jackson, SEA - 23.1
    Aaron Lynch, SF - 23.1
    Robert Ayers, TB - 22.5
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  • Image
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  • On a side note, it seems that whoever they plug in on that Dline has some level of success so far this season. Part of that I think you have to credit to they guys they are playing with (they're on the field with some combination of Bennett, Clark, and Richardson). However, new Dline coach Clint Hurt seams to be getting more out of these guys too. I'll be curious to see if this trend continues the entire season.
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  • Seems to hold potential as a rotational player. What happened to Marcus Smith?
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