What is our record this year without Russell Wilson?

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What is our record this year without Russell Wilson?

8 wins or better
6 or 7 wins
4 or 5 wins
3 wins or less
Total votes : 33

  • A lot of talk this year about how he is probably the most valuable player to his team, although most don't consider him as good as the 2 to 3 usual suspects.

    Considering our O-Line and injuries he has really showed tremendous grit and leadership. This poll doesn't necessarily assume that Austin Davis is the QB. Assuming Russell out and injured, maybe we went and got or traded for another QB. I'm going to answer as if Austin is the quarterback.

    Personally, even considering HFA, a great D-Line, and a couple of games against bad SF teams, I don't see us with any more than 4 wins (at most) if Russell Wilson is not under center.

    What say you?
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  • I voted 4-5 wins. Wilson after all accounts for something like a ridiculous 83% of our offense and for most of this season our offensive line has been.....well.....offensive to put it fairly kindly. Our kicking game under Walsh has been suspect, and our defense while superior at season's start has been riddled with key injuries.

    So without Wilson, I am certain we don't win that game against the Eagles and we certainly don't win the game against the Texans either. I am very sure we probably lose either the Arizona game and/or the LA Rams game (or both)....and possibly a couple of more besides.

    I think that takes us to the 4-5 game category.
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  • For wins I would say against the Colts, @49ers, Cardinals at home, and 1 other game.

    So 4-12. RW has been carrying, and masking a dysfunctional offense for years now. MVP.
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  • Considering Russell is accounting for almost 80% of our offensive production, it'd be pretty damn bleak.

    I'd say 4 games at most, maybe less. Because as most bad teams do in football, once all hope is gone, they make even more mistakes and don't give 100%.

    We see it all the time playing other teams that are out of it by week four, they try for the first quarter, or maybe half.............then fold like a cheap Walmart deck chair.
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  • Our backup is Austin Davis. We can't run the ball. Our line was in shambles for the first 8 weeks or so of the season.

    We'd be fighting the Niners for the cellar.
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  • 3-13 w/o wilson and if all other injury scenarios are the same.

    Without wilson there's no reason to trade for duane brown so scratch actually having a decent LT.

    Withint wilson we probably don't have enough hope to keep trying to find a solution at running back so probably no mike davis flashing.
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  • MAYBE 2 wins. Other than the Colts Giants and 1 of the Niner games, all of our games have been pretty close even with Wilson. It would be so very bad, like possibly 0 wins bad.
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