Has Winning A Super Bowl Changed How You Cope?

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Has Winning A Super Bowl Changed How You Cope After A Disappointing Season?

Yes. I don't get as upset any more.
No. I still get just as pissed off as before.
It's Complicated. (Read My Comments)
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  • In my younger years, I took Seahawk football WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. It would takes me DAYS to get over a loss, so much so that people around me would quietly wonder what was wrong with me.

    Now, I’m over a loss in minutes, with the exception over SB 49. That one took a while.

    I don’t attribute it to winning 48. I attribute it to growing the hell up :lol:. It’s no longer a life or death consequence. It’s a nice way to pause life, hang with great friends and family, enjoy a football game, and if they win....awesome.

    The only thing that really gets me angry is the idea that we have a truly special quarterback in RW, and that we may be shortening his career by not protecting him, but that’s a topic for another thread.
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  • Not really.

    This team has been on a downward trend which has just been sad to watch. Every time I watched their games this year, I expected things to go wrong. I used to know if Russ was throwing deep we had a completion for sure, now I just know it's gonna be overthrown. I used to be excited for the defense being in a 3rd and long situation, and now I expect a first down. I expect a completely incompetent offense.

    Hard to believe that Super Bowl win was already 5 years ago. Watching some of the playoff games this year made me ever more frustrated at this season. Injuries, coaching, offense, defense, special teams, everything that could go wrong went wrong.

    Most of all, it was not enjoyable to watch this team this season. With no real FO changes happening as of now, I just can't be excited for another season of this team being unable to function for half a game most of the season.
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  • THE TABS wrote:I don’t attribute it to winning 48. I attribute it to growing the hell up :lol:.

    See, there's the difference. I've grown old, but never grown up. :irishdrinkers:
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  • Its helped me cope tremendously- i was born in 1975 so ive seen it all from the Chuck Knox days.

    Im actually one of the few out there that felt that losing 49 was not as hard as losing 40.

    The reason being is , as shocking and as disappointing of a loss 49 was, the year before that changed EVERYTHING.

    The feeling after 40 was.... Same old Seattle B.S/we will never win etc. The 79 sonics which i was only 4 years old, and the 91 Huskies ( which we had to share) was all we had at that point. For me, 40 was more gut wrenching. I know im in the minority
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  • Aros wrote:I would suspect from of us older 12's (especially around since the beginning) there's no longer the feeling of closing desperation every time we fall short of expectations and/or the playoffs (i.e. "Will I ever see the Seahawks win the Super Bowl before I die?"). Before, at least for me personally, I would go into a serious funk that could last months after a disappointing season. I am finding now, after having witnessed Seahawks Nirvana in the form of a 43-8 beat down to win it all in SBXLVIII, I just don't get as worked up as I used to after enduring a tough or underachieving season.

    Curious who else feels this way?

    Agreed. As a fan since the 70s, this has been far and away the best stretch of Seahawks football I've enjoyed. Winning the Super Bowl released a psychological burden from me - in part because it was the Super Bowl, but mostly because it was the Donkeys! I have so many memories of the original horse toothed jackass, John Elway, beat the Seahawks over and over again. The games always sucked and had weird scores, like 15-8 and we always lost. Plus smoking "the greatest offense of all time" had special juice to it.

    This year was the first where the Hawks were tough to watch. However, PC is my favorite coach of all time.
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  • I'm in too deep to not get crazy worked up, but it definitely isn't like pre-48 where it was win or I want to die every Sunday, and playoffs were just another level of anxiety, adrenaline, and internal fire.

    Crazy how it feels like the aura of the entire organization matches my own feelings. Intense desire, burning passion for winning, but just not that total full throttle feel that existed from 2013 to last seconds of 49. Lately it honestly feels like we are the Soviets, and every time one of these up and comers beats us, it's like they're the young little Americans dancing around the ice. Like we've forgotten how quickly you can slip back to mediocre in this league, and making the playoffs this many years in a row in the incredibly tough NFC just made us forget how to be the best kind of hungry there is- DESPERATELY hungry for winning.

    Damn I hate even typing "49".
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  • It’s hard to say which changed my fandom more considering the following season ended with a Super Bowl loss. To have the highest moment in a fans experience followed by, lets face it, the worst experience a fan can have all within 12 months kind of eclipsed the whole sport for me. The highs aren’t as high and the lows aren’t as low. I followed the team religiously since 2009, logging onto this site 12+ times a day, watching 5-8 football games a week, following FF everday to get a temperature of the league and rivals. That all stopped after 49. I still watch most of the hawk games but I just don’t have the same passion anymore.

    The think an apt analogy would be like going back to a passionate old flame after finding out they were a habitual cheater. They’re the same team and all but deep down inside you just can’t get hurt like that again. Who knew one yard could hurt so much..
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  • Absolutely. Knowing it has happened and can happen again makes it a lot easier to wait for next year. Act like you’ve been there.
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  • As has been said Im not nearly as upset anymore.

    Good lord the ATL 28 second comeback loss, I literally went into my back yard fired up the chainsaw and started cutting down trees.

    The I want the ball and im gonna score game I locked myself in my bedroom for about 3 hours after.

    Maybe its cause im older, but I handle the losses much better. I am old enough to remember the years where we had no shot at all..... I think the biggest thing is the missed opportunity. We had the young core that we could of talked the D word, had we run the ball.....
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