Idea for New Seahawks Coaching Position?

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Idea for New Seahawks Coaching Position?
Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:11 am
  • I've thought about this idea before and now that it's the offseason, this seems a good time to throw this out there. I don't know if there is already a coach who basically does this already, but if not, I think this could be a potentially interesting idea. Here's the gist ...

    I know that Pete Carroll and his staff (like Holmgren before him and many other NFL Coaches) are primarily interested in what they as a team do ... NOT the other team. So, when Pete and his staff (and most coaches for that matter) are preparing for an upcoming game ... they are taking a look at game film of the OTHER team (analyzing trends, potential weaknesses, etc. that they could possibly exploit). And good for them, the coaches SHOULD be doing that.

    That kind of got me thinking about something. We can often times get in a mode where we are seeing things solely through our own lenses. The emphasis here is on the OTHER TEAM ... but not on our own.

    So. what I'm wondering is, could it be of some benefit to hire a guy whose sole job is to figure out -- how to beat the Seattle Seahawks? The gist would be something like this -- let's say that it's next season and the opponent the Hawks will be facing this next week is the Rams. This coach's job would be to adopt the mindset of the Sean McVay (Rams' coach). This coach (for that week) would in essence become Sean McVay. The next week, he might then "become" Kyle Shanahan ... and so on throughout the season. He would be looking solely at taking a look at the Seahawks potential weaknesses (particularly on defense) ... and asking, "How would I attack the Seahawks? What things would I do to beat them?"

    Throughout the season, his job would be to be adopt the mindset of the OTHER TEAM ... and be constantly looking for weaknesses to exploit with the Seahawks. That's his sole job. This guy could then be in Pete's ear as they prepare for teams saying, "Pete, this is what I'm seeing. This is what I see that we need to shore up. This is how I'd attack us. This is what I would do if I were McVay" ... and so on. It seems like we have been often caught off guard at times ... and I'm wondering if this could be a way to help minimize that.

    I don't know. What do you guys think? Thoughts?
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  • Teams do scout themselves all the time..... at least they should. Teams I coached on did it all the time.
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  • I kind of thought that was the purpose of the "Quality Control Coach." Perhaps I'm wrong?
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  • Or you could video tape their Practices

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  • This basically falls under 'what can we do better' which every NFL team will look into.


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  • Honestly, I considered this as a personal concept. While Kearly was here, I mentioned that it would be interesting to play devils advocate and put myself in the other teams shoes. It would be a hard thing to not root for the team I prefer, but it can happen.

    I recorded a bundle of old games and take the game itself and analyse what the other team sees and see what happens if I root for them. A fan of football could do it easily...a fan of a team takes a bit to screw yourself mentally to change your perception. Then with that perception watch the game with a different eye on what you hope your NEW team accomplishes. It truly would be a mind game....but interesting.

    One of the things we criticize is game planning...if a team is a run defense team so we go pass happy....if a team is pass defenders, we go run happy. What if they are balanced...then we use different sets to try to confuse the defense in what we have planned. But at this juncture, we shall see what happens.
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  • Not new, but I'd say self-scouting and opponent specific gameplans have been a weakness. It's a common weakness and a big reason why more teams haven't repeated the ultimate success, trying to win the same way over time and against everyone.
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