12 Man Fan Jam Show Episode 527 - Season 5 FInale and Awards

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  • Thanks to everyone at for tolerating us. Season six starts in March.

    Well the NFL season is over…. But not for us !!!!!

    Why not waste time waiting for the Seahawks to return to the field with a Special SEASON FIVE FINALE AND AWARDS SHOW edition of the 12 Man Fan Jam Show, a show made up of Seahawk fans just like you from around the world talking Seahawk football?

    In the first quarter of this episode Will tells us who is fake news, how lucky the new 49er quarterback is, and what is a good souvenir to take from the Super Bowl.

    In the second quarter we discuss the coaching changes and a good use for Ifedi.

    At halftime, it’s the FIFTH ANNUAL 12 MAN FAN JAM SHOW AWARDS (or the Fan Jammies).

    In the third quarter we discuss the Seahawk free agents and play a version of “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE” where one player stays, and one player goes.

    In the fourth quarter we make our MIND BLOWING PRESEASON PREDICTIONS FOR 2018.

    All of this plus Matt worries about starting the show, Mark discusses his lost his tax return, Will looks for a cliffhanger, Moses finds the Goonies, and we wonder why Dustin is missing.

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