Shaquem Griffin Racks Up Endorsement Deals

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  • Few fifth-round picks rack up endorsement deals. Few fifth-round picks are like Seahawks linebacker Shaquem Griffin.

    Griffin, one of the newest Seahawks, has landed a smattering of endorsements. Via Yahoo Sports, Griffin’s corporate sponsors include Nike, Bose, and JC Penny. According to, Griffin also has a deal with Eleven James, among others.

    The interest in Griffin isn’t surprising. As a one-handed football player, Griffin will inspire football fans everywhere for his ability to overcome extreme adversity and make it to the NFL.

    His jersey undoubtedly will become a top seller, and his situation will attract plenty of casual fans who typically only watch the Super Bowl to plenty of other games. ... ent-deals/
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  • It may not be the type of hype I like, but it is a great story, and may just win a lot more fans than just our newest Dolphin.
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  • Maybe we can get less DPI this season...I mean if a lot of people are watching, they wont call as many im hoping!
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  • So happy for him. Get your money, Shaquem!
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  • What is not to like if you are looking for a player to endorse? Great story and great kid. AND, he can truly play.
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