12 Man Fan Jam Show Episode 604 - Postdraft Edition

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  • Seahawks fans, are you excited about the 2018 Seattle Seahawks draft picks? So are we!!!

    Why not waste time waiting for the Seahawks to return to the field with a Postdraft Edition of the 12 Man Fan Jam Show, a show made up of Seahawk fans just like you from around the world talking Seahawk football?

    In this special episode we are joined by Chris Chaney from “Hawk Talk.”

    In the first quarter of this episode Will tells us who is excited to play his former team and who thinks a player should change his name. Then Moses reads a public service announcement written by Will for him.

    In the second quarter we discuss the first round, third round, and fourth round picks.

    At halftime, it’s the best Seahawk themed play along game on the internet… it’s 12 MAN FAN JAM SHOW HALFTIME TRIVIA… Can Dustin hold of four other competitors?

    In the third quarter we discuss the fifth round picks especially an amazing punter and even more amazing twin brother of another Seahawk player.

    In the fourth quarter we discuss the 6th and 7th round picks and the undrafted free agents coming to town. We then all give the 2018 Seattle Seahawks draft class a grade.

    All of this plus Chris discusses testimonials, Matt misses tea, Moses struggles with names, Dustin hangs out with Kona, Mark gives clearance, and Will offers up some parenting tips to Dustin.

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  • Thanks again for having me on Moses, let’s do it again soon!
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