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  • FidelisHawk's post in this thread: made me think about folks in the organization I have encountered over the years of creating and running .NET and I think it's worth honoring them, especially since most fans don't know who they are.

    Gary Wright - Was an executive for many, many years with the team. One of the most respected people in the organization. Not long after my launching of Seahawks.NET (back when it was called and then I had the pleasure of sitting down with him in his office. If memory serves I was wanting to be the official Seahawks website source. It was still a relatively new idea back then. While obviously that never happened, Gary couldn't have been more gracious with his time. Here I was, some nobody, looking to get inside access using this new form of media. He could have easily dismissed me but instead he spent a good 45 minutes talking to me about the team, about life, about my goals. Instead of the typical executive brush off I got to spend nearly an hour with a man who treated me with dignity and respect. He felt like a great father figure. I will never forget his genuine kindness.

    Mike Flood - Currently VP of Community Outreach, Mike Flood has ALWAYS been a staunch supporter of this site. When others (including some colleagues) thumbed their noses at "fan pages", Mike was always ready and willing to support us any way he could. He went so far as to approve of Sea Gals attending our early NET Bashes and even provided the prizes and giveaways. Like Gary, Mike is a good man. Never cared for accolades or attention. Just appreciated my and fan's devotion to the team. He's also a veteran and shares an affinity for aviation like I do. Mike, if you are reading this, you know how much I respect and appreciate you. Thank you.
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  • Mike Flood is a good guy for sure.
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  • Wow ..i wasn't around then but nice to hear about the good guys behind the scenes..
    I bet those NET bashes were great and you got the team cheerleaders too?Wow..
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  • Thank you Todd. It's good to hear about the early days and the history of NET. And especially good to hear about people who were able to see the importance of an up and coming platform.

    It sounds low those guys are deserving of recognition, because there were probably many other people that they've helped along the way.

    If you think of others, I for one would love to hear about them.
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