S T.J. Green visits Seahawks, rumored to have signed

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  • 2016 2nd round pick by the Colts, who was released this year with an injury settlement. 6’2 with 32” arms and 4.34 SEC 40 YARD DASH at the combine. 11 starts for the Colts. Had a horrible rookie season when he was 20/21 years old. PFF named Green one of their most improved defensive players in 2017, when Green took over as the Colts starter at FS and managed an above average grade, “allowing just 0.52 yards per coverage snap.” He’s now 23 years old.
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  • Well, good to see they are not just sitting on the ET situation.

    People complain about Schneider, but he always seems to be looking around for ways to improve the team.
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  • This could well be a critical signing!
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  • Dude is tweeting that he’s a Seahawk. All I know is he’s young and FAST.

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  • Wasn't he a VMAC visitor pre draft? Definitely fits the mold for this secondary. Great physical traits but could use some refining of his technique.... another PC trainee in the making we can hope!
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  • Seems the Colts released him rather prematurely. Just 23 with blazing speed, definitely a nice signing. Hopefully he contributes.
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  • If only Tedric has the guy’s speed

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  • I wanted this guy so bad in that draft. He was always a project though so I don't know why the Colts gave up on him so quick. Maybe it was the pressure of being a 2nd round pick which is their fault for reaching on him. He was projected later because he's a work in progress but all the physical tools are there... I hope Pete can coach him up.

    Side note: I did, like others, see him as a better fit to convert to CB. I'll be interested to see if he sticks at safety here.
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  • I think he is going to be good get.
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  • So we replaced an injured guy with another injured guy?....okay?
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