Coaches had a game plan and almost followed it perfectly

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  • The two penalties towards the end of the game altered the game plan and I don't think the response was very good. When we were 2nd and 23 and 3rd and 23 we passed the ball on both the downs. We couldn't complete anything all day when a pass was expected. Play action worked beautiful today and we obviously got our big chunk yardage on those plays. Chris Carson is a different breed of back.

    All in all a hell of an effort with the team we are fielding.
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  • I've been seeing a lot of crap about the OC for the play calling on that drive. The two untimely penalties followed by Russ throwing it away was not in the game plan or the play calling. Losing by 3 points without Bennett and Earl is preferable to losing by 35 points with them. Progress. I've been calling for more Moore and finally he started getting more calls. This team is ten times more exciting to watch than last year. Go, Hawks.
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  • Sure, but I hated how Carroll admitted they were trying to bleed the clock at the end and kick a FG. Go for the damn win. Your opponent showed no fear and won because of it.

    They might not have been able to be aggressive because our passing game is remedial Deep PA shots and Wilson scrambling is all we got and it's frustrating. Been that way for six and a half years, the exception being the second half of 2015. Need to get that fixed, but I highly doubt it will happen under this regime
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  • We generally have one game per year that we seem like we have no business winning and not many people if any pick us to win.

    Last year that was the Eagles game.

    My concern is that this game was this year's 'win'. We will see.

    I don't know how you give credit to a coach for being a gutless piece of crap and not even trying to do more than kick a long FG.

    (Even more puzzling, running up the middle with Davis when Carson was the guy ripping them all day. I know Carson had that short run, but Davis wasn't going to get you anything.)

    Meanwhile, the opposing coach shoves it in our old, washed up coach's face by going for it on 4th down and converting. Poor Wilson he didn't get much of a chance on that drive.
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  • I feel like if Russell keeps on the Read Option a couple times on the last drive we burn the clock, score a TD and win the game.
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  • It put it to Brock on twitter when we were up by 1 - that this is when Seahawks starts playing not to lose instead of win

    I was a bit early...…… to put it on a kick after the last few games is strange
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