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How the Seahawks were saved from California’s clutches

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  • Amazing.
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  • Great read, thank you.
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  • That was a close call. So glad Mr Allen stepped up to the plate.
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  • Paul Allen saved the Seahawks from becoming another LA team.

    As fans of the Seahawks we should always be thankful for Paul’s intervention.

    He gave his community a precious gift.

    He is and will always be missed.
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  • Sad thing is Ken Behring is still alive at age 90.

    In the words of Billy Joel, "Only the good die young."
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  • Anyone who was a fan during the Behring years remembers the utter and complete despair seeing those moving vans on the news. I remember just sitting in front of my TV in shock, it was the worst feeling I've ever had as a Hawk fan, yep even worse than losing a SB.

    To not have my team was an unthinkable proposition..........and for all the things that transpired to make it happen were also impossible, but they did.

    From Allen being talked into it (he didn't want to own another pro sports team), to the county and city council agreeing to put up the Clink construction to a vote (300 million of public money), to it narrowly winning 51% to 49% (which would NEVER happen today).

    All these pins fell for Allen to step in and make our franchise what it is today, and for that I will forever be thankful.
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  • Mad Dog wrote:Sad thing is Ken Behring is still alive at age 90.

    In the words of Billy Joel, "Only the good die young."

    Sadly, the world is not always a fair place.

    That said, I'd rather live 1 year as Paul Allen then 20 years as Ken Behring.
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