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Player Performance - Bye Week Discussion

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Player Performance - Bye Week Discussion
Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:52 am
  • After the first 6 weeks of the seasons, which players have been exceeding your expectations, and which players are you expecting more from?

    Here are mine:

    Exceeding Expectations - DJ Fluker
    During the offseason Fluker seemed like a desperate signing. The former 1st round pick had under-performed during his rookie contract, and been signed and released by two different teams after the Chargers let him leave San Diego. Fluker's size projected well for the Seahawks renewed commitment to the run game, but I was concerned with his ability to protect Russell Wilson. Fluker did not earn the starting job after the preseason, and appeared as if he would only provide depth to an improved offensive line for the Seahawks. Since Fluker has been starting at guard for the Seahawks, their running game has become one of the best in the NFL. To my surprise Fluker has been solid in pass protection and has only allowed 0.5 sacks thus far. While facing the rams, Fluker excelled against top competition and made Aaron Donald look very average. Thus far, it seems like the Seahawks front office has struck gold in free agency and I hope that they are able to sign Fluker to a longer contract after this season.

    Excepting More - Michael Dickson
    After an exciting preseason, I had high expectations for Michael Dickson this season. In week 1 it seemed as if the Seahawks had found a truly talented punter when Dickson punted six times for an average of 59 yards with his longest going for 69 yards. Despite his fantastic performance in week one, it seems that he has been struggling lately. I recognize that Dickson is a rookie, and hasn't been punting footballs for many years, but I can't help but feeling a little disappointed about how he has performed through 6 weeks. I am still hyped about Dickson's potential as a punter, and believe he has the skills to become one of, if not the best punters in the league. However, i am feeling a bit less excited about him at this point. With all of that said, I hope that Dickson can overcome his struggles and become a premier punter in this league.
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  • Exceeding expectation - Chris Carson.

    Boy is complete package. Please stay healthy and keep Penny off the field.

    Underperformed - Shaquill Griffin

    Pretty much singlehandedly cost us a division game at home. If you're gonna say 'oh he's been great though'. I expect him not to make such idiotic decision as in the Rams game, therefore underperforming
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  • JR Sweezy: What seemed like an afterthought free agent signing JR Sweezy has seized the starting left guard position.It wasnt until Sweezy and Fluker began playing in tandem that the run game began to come to life. I recall the commentator saying: (that guy) has done well- he seems a bit touched. Yes! A mauling left guard....a lil crazy? Hutch....
    Props to Solari........

    Who has been disappointing?

    Brandon Marshall- Single handed-ly killed many drives with key drops. David Moore has also surprised and I am excited about his development. Jaron brown I thought would factor in right away I had high expectations for him.
    Its a better unit on the whole than in recent years. I cant wait to watch the unit grow as the games go on. Dickson will be an upgrade at the TE position.
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  • Exceeding:
    McDougald, he can ball! Hard hitting, good coverage.

    Dickson's punts are great, but when he NEEDS to pin teams inside the 5, he's screwed a few up. In my opinion, if he drops that last punt inside the 5 against the Rams... Seattle gets the ball back and wins.
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  • Sweezy. Huge upgrade over Pocic. I like Pocic but he was getting beat often which was collapsing the pocket. Sweezy anchors well and is a mauler in the run game. I also didn't expect anything from him given his injury history.

    Penny is a minor dissapointment. I know it's early and he has contributed but I expect more given where he was drafted. Michel has really out preformed him to date. Like I said, I know it's early.

    Biggest dissappointment has to be the teams continual inability to run a play at a critical time without being flagged. Execution needs to be top notch at all times.
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  • Exceeding Expectations - Offense Line
    The first few weeks were rough but with this combination of Brown-Sweezy-Britt-Fluker-Ifedi, our O-Line has been a source of pride of this team. They're playing with purpose. They're playing nasty up front and getting in the face of opposing defensive line. If this really keeps up we could really see the Seahawks flourishing with a consistent run game that'll open up Russell to do his work.

    Excepting More - Defensive Line
    Frank Clark has been amazing and he should get a new deal. Jaren Reed has been improving every season and is more or less consistent, however the line is still very unbalanced. Dion Jordan has mostly been out this year and Green has also been nursing an injury. Clark and Reed are the only two forces on the line that really seem to do anything when they can while everyone disappears. I hope this core continues to grow the rest of the year but I wouldn't be opposed to drafting some D-Line talent or getting some help in Free Agency.
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  • Exceeding:
    DJ Fluker - never thought much of him as a FA pickup but he's been golden and has brought back the nasty to the run game. Great signing.
    Mike Davis - thought of him as a JAG but he's proven very capable when Carson has been out.
    David Moore - moving on up the depth chart with great clutch catches. Our new Kearse.
    Barkevious Mingo - great name aside, he's been all over the field handling SAM, WILL and Edge duties well.
    Tyler Lockett - signed the big deal this off season and is totally playing his butt off to earn it
    The Entire Secondary - LOB Next Gen has been balling with turnovers and keeping a lid on passing yards.

    CJ Prosise - lots of talent but just slipping further and further down the depth chart. Not convinced he really loves football anymore.
    Marshall - We all thought he was probably done after last year and that seems to be the case. No loss if he's cut.
    Penny - still acclimatizing to NFL speed which really shouldn't be too much of a surprise given he came from a small college. Think he gets better as the season progresses.
    Jordan - still can't stay healthy enough to provide consistent production.

    Guys playing awesome but as I expected:
    Carson - strong powerful and never loses yards. Keeps us ahead of the chains.
    Clark - playing like the beast i expected this year.
    Wilson - managing things better and working a balanced offence nicely
    Reed - I felt this would be the year he becomes the man at DT
    Brown - Very solid in Solaris system. Glad we extended him.
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  • I really thought Penny would be better right out of the box.

    McDougald is Pro-Bowl material.

    Chris Carson, Mike Davis, and the entire offensive line. We have a running game.

    Lockett and David Moore making some great catches.

    Cautiously optimistic.
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  • Exceeding Expectations

    Griffin and Flowers, switching sides and playing a new position these guys are playing very well, those that criticize them for a occasional penalty or completion need to have played a CB position, everyone gets beat, everyone. Remember those WR are professionals also and would not be playing if they were complete garbage.

    Dissley in here also was playing way above his so called draft position.

    Excepting More

    Dickson is my player that seems to have been on my short list, he has not played and we went out hard for him, Dissley getting hurt makes his unavailable status hurt that much more.
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  • For those expecting more from Michael Dickson, the problem is that after the draft hype and stellar preseason, the expectations are just extremely high. I think most fans are already putting him down for a HOF career. Currently on the stats page, he is listed as the #5 punter in the league. A rookie is #5 at his position. That’s pretty damn good.

    When rating players as to expectations after 6 games, players draft position and initial expectations play a huge role. Because he was a 1st round pick, Penny was assumed by many to come in and average over 100 yards a game with a couple of TDS each game. Rookies sometimes, no most of the time, take awhile to make significant impacts.

    I am mostly happy with all the draft picks this year. That is not always the case. Most years, maybe one or two guys show good potential. The only draft pick I am slightly disappointed wth is Shaquem Griffin. I really thought he would show a bit more by now. At least on special teams.
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    Bark Mingo
    Wow , I just thought he was going to be a pre season cast off but has worked out great
    Pretty much the same
    Tre Flowers
    Very impressive for a rook
    Tedric T.
    The same very Impressive

    At this point so far I don't think anyone has underperformed that couldn't make an upswing
    I kinda expected more from shaqueem and maybe ED Dickson but neither has played much if at all in Dicksons case so I have zero negative and just think if they have a draft next year this good not only will we get the players that step up but also the rooks that got IR'd this year back who looked great before injury so BONUS
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  • Exceeding: Nearly the entire team.

    Falling short: B Marsh. I thought he would have at least a LITTLE something left in the tank. Nope.
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  • Aros wrote:Exceeding: Nearly the entire team.

    Falling short: B Marsh. I thought he would have at least a LITTLE something left in the tank. Nope.

    Even Ifedi proves me wrong more often than not right now!
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  • Exceeding:
    Entire Oline- Thank you Mike Solari
    - Lockett as a WR (I was worried the contract was too much based on his leg injury)
    -Mike Davis is a beast. I expected Chris Carson to be the tank he is already, but Davis is the one that exceeds expectations.
    Tre Flowers. I like his mojo. He's going to be a good one.

    Tyler Lockett and kickoff return team
    Michael Dickson
    Brandon Marshal

    Pass rush on obvious passing downs outside of Frank Clark
    Doug Baldwin (had a nice game last game, but overall the injuries have been disappointing)
    Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin- I expected Shaquil to step in an be a superstar in the making. He had a nice start again Chicago, but has been bad outside of that. Hawks lost to the Broncos because of Shaquem- was it is his fault? probably not, coaching put him in a new position and expected him to know what to do against complex NFL offenses. He looked lost in coverage all pre-season, so I'm not sure why they put him in that position, but I was really hoping he would just emerge as a superstar LB because of how fond of his story I am. I'd give him a shot as passing down rusher TBH. He was so good in college the closer to the line he got.
    Rashaad Penny. Brutal- my most disappointing player, and not because he should be that great, but because they used a 1st rounder and then moved him to 3rd string RB- bad scouting/decision making.
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  • O-Line biggest surprise.

    Dion Jordan and Naz Jones the biggest disappointments for me.
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  • Biggest surprise? Ifedi of course, he was the doormat, the punching bag, the laughing stock, but hey, he is a top ranked RT now . The Ifedi Brown duo is the number 5 ranked tackle tandem in pass blocking.
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