It's all good

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It's all good
Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:39 pm
  • Like everyone on here I have read all the threads today pretty much. I'm pissed as well. It wasn't our best game, but we still had 160 yards rushing and 200 something passing. Rivers didnt light us up he barely passed 200 yards passing. You take away that long ass bomb he winged then the infamous Rivers is at 100 something yards passing. What got us was the their running game. Yup they ripped us, but its all good. That out of bounds TD is still brewing inside me right now. On a good note our infamous 2012 team was sitting at 4-4 in 2012 for those who are comparing. It ain't over yet and I still believe that we will finish strong and make the post-season. I've stated 13-3 and after looking at the remaining schedule and the loss today I think 11-5 is doable PROVIDING we are healthy.
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Re: It's all good
Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:49 pm
  • Now THAT'S the spirit!

    "Shaquem Griffin tells ESPN after he got drafted by Seattle; 'I can't breathe.' That's the only time you'll hear him say he can't do something." - Dan Wetzel via Twitter.
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Re: It's all good
Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:42 am
  • I like your spirit :2thumbs: and I am hoping you will be proved correct (and me incorrect).

    For me we have a ways to go to be contenders in the post-season but we do have the nucleus of a damn good team. If we stay healthy then anything above .500 is good for me this year. A sneaky wee Wildcard berth would be the icing on the cake for me.

    I still get passionate about our team and found I was shouting at the TV last night more often (something I normally only ever do when watching Scotland play rugby - and haven't done when watching the Hawks play since that infamous 1yd call).

    Looking forward to the adjustments that will keep Gurley < 50yds (otherwise it's gonna be a long night).

    Go Hawks!
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Re: It's all good
Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:08 am
  • I am not sure what everyone is freaking out about. We played, meh, football, and we were in it in the end. We were only going to win 3 or 4 of the next 6 period, we play a lot of good teams, .500 is fine. We play 2 of the teams ahead of us in the wildcard race and both are beatable. 2 teams in the same area as us. 2 way ahead of us. I think we are in a good spot. We lost to an out of conference team if we beat the Panthers, Vikings and Green Bay, that is better anyway. Steal one from the Chiefs/Rams, we are golden.

    we have
    10 Nov 11 SEA @ LA 11 Nov 15 GB @ SEA 12 Nov 25 SEA @ CAR 13 Dec 02 SF @ SEA

    14 Dec 10 MIN @ SEA 15 Dec 16 SEA @ SF 16 Dec 23 KC @ SEA 17 Dec 30 ARI @ SEA

    Our Competition have some rough schedules as well.

    The Vikings have
    10 Bye 11 Nov 18 MIN @ CHI 12 Nov 25 GB @ MIN 13 Dec 02 MIN @ NE

    14 Dec 10 MIN @ SEA 15 Dec 16 MIA @ MIN 16 Dec 23 MIN @ DET 17 Dec 30 CHI @ MIN

    Panthers Have

    10 Nov 08 CAR @ PIT 11 Nov 18 CAR @ DET 12 Nov 25 SEA @ CAR 13 Dec 02 CAR @ TB

    14 Dec 09 CAR @ CLE 15 Dec 17 NO @ CAR 16 Dec 23 ATL @ CAR 17 Dec 30 CAR @ NO

    Green Bay has

    10 Nov 11 MIA @ GB 11 Nov 15 GB @ SEA 12 Nov 25 GB @ MIN 13 Dec 02 ARI @ GB

    14 Dec 09 ATL @ GB 15 Dec 16 GB @ CHI 16 Dec 23 GB @ NYJ 17 Dec 30 DET @ GB

    Washington has

    10 Nov 11 WAS @ TB 11 Nov 18 HOU @ WAS 12 Nov 22 WAS @ DAL 13 Dec 03 WAS @ PHI

    14 Dec 09 NYG @ WAS 15 Dec 16 WAS @ JAX 16 Dec 22 WAS @ TEN 17 Dec 30 PHI @ WAS

    Atlanta has
    10 Nov 11 ATL @ CLE 11 Nov 18 DAL @ ATL 12 Nov 22 ATL @ NO 13 Dec 02 BAL @ ATL

    14 Dec 09 ATL @ GB 15 Dec 16 ARI @ ATL 16 Dec 23 ATL @ CAR 17 Dec 30 ATL @ TB

    So I reiterate the OP statement "It's all good"
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Re: It's all good
Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:04 am
  • And......we are in a Retool year back-filling and getting most of the defense up to speed. Man.....where is this Atlanta?? LOL
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Re: It's all good
Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:05 am
  • We may be 4-4 but I think we are playing a little better. Everyone is saying we played bad etc...I dont understand we had virtually the same stats last week and pretty much the last month. Even without carson we still racked 150 plus yards on the ground. Take away that awful pick 6 and that out of bounds TD and we win that game. Hell keep the out of bounds TD and take away the pick 6 we still win that game. The refs killed some of our drives and i dont get why they did that. That PI on moore was a bad call that cost us points. We racked up almost 400 yards yesterday. That out of bounds TD if they called it right it would have been 1st down somewhere around the 10 yard line. Would they have scored? Maybe, Maybe not.
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