The pass prior to the pi at the end of the game

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  • I don't remember who Russell completed the pass to but with no to's and with only around 16 sexonds left why would you pass the ball to the middle of the field for a few yards? They were lucky to get the next play off and also lucky they got a pic call. The play should have been to the end zone period.
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  • It was poor option by him. I was like wtf
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  • I think that was to Penny in the middle as a check down. I dont know if there were no other options. I shall have to review the tape later uh digital stuff on my dvr.
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  • It was the 3rd down pass. I believe he thought it would get the first down and then he could spike it and stop the clock.

    Issue was that it ended up one yard short and they had the 4th down after that meaning he had to run a play so instead of 2 plays left he got 1 play left

    I don't like the pass either (Davis I believe) but I am pretty confident that the reasoning was to get a final 1st down
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  • There were 24seconds left, 3rd down. It was a 9yrd gain. Maybe they thought they could get a first down and have a couple tries to throw to the endzone?
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