Still Think we're missing the it factor!

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Still Think we're missing the it factor!
Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:57 am
  • I still think we r missing the it factor on offense minus Wilson! I can understand what the front office was trying to do with Penny! I guess if he pans out remains to be seen! IMO we r missing that player that if he gets his hands on the ball he is a threat to take it to the house! Some teams have a couple of those players on offense. Until we get that person I see us continue to struggle on offense. Someone who can take the top off the defense am I wrong ur thoughts?
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  • Absolutely right IMO...and even Wilson is not the 'It" factor that he once was. The Hawks only have Tyler Lockett as their most explosive player on offense . Penny was supposed to be "that guy" but he is just a 1st round back up RB. Other than Carson ; who doesn't look to be very durable ; the Hawks haven't drafted any top end Offensive players for a couple years.
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  • Agree. We definitely don't have that explosive guy.

    Spent too much draft capital trying to shore up the lines which is probably more important. I think this draft we are going to look at that seriously since most everything on the lines is pretty well shored up if we just keep the guys we got.

    And I'm still hopeful for Penny.
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  • I'm excited to see McKissic back in the offense when he returns. Made a fair share of explosive plays last year be it as a runner or a receiver.
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  • Completely agree.

    The team has no player (except Wilson) the other team must key on or be in a world of hurt from that player, like Gordon or Elliott or Gurley. The team had hoped they might get that from Penny but he has not panned out so far to be much of anything.

    The pass rush is still needing work and the OLine is just barely adequate. The D is not playing badly but has some issues over the middle in coverage. It's a picture that is still developing.
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  • I feel like the o-line has greatly improved. Carson could be a bigger factor but, the injuries are a concern. Mike Davis has shown out...then simmered down. Penny hasn't had near the snaps I think a first rounder should have.

    There's so many variables that it's hard to nail down.
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  • Is Percy Harvin available?
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  • Tyler Lockett anyone? Lockett has been the guy taking the top off many times this year already. I think the talent and players are there, they just need time in the system (and to stay healthy).
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  • To me the it factor isn't missing on offense, we've never really had a high powered offense with one or two amazing dynamic's been pound the rock and let Russell make 2-3 explosive plays per game.

    But we are now missing 2-3 dynamic playmakers on defense. Clark's really the only player on defense that jumps off the screen. Still a well coached solid defense full of good football players..........but we're not seeing players like Kam putting the fear of god into receivers and TE's, or Earl flying across the field, or Sherm taking away half the field like before.

    So you want an "it" factor? IMO that starts on defense, not offense.
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  • The defense held a really dangerous and explosive Chargers offense to 19 points.

    You can no longer blame the OL. Even PC said that Russ should have stepped up i the pocket and gotten rid of the ball at times. We have 3 explosive receivers and even our 4th WR runs a 4.4 flat at 6'3 and can produce in his own right. We have two viable TEs. We have a RB that changes games. Granted, he's been hurt for 1.5 games this season.

    So tell me why is it that you guys have this continual QB elite conversation and when you talk about any of the top QBs in the league then you're afraid to play them because all they need is said QB? Why doesn't that apply here in Seattle?

    Are you not getting the picture yet? You continuously blame everyone but one single player any time we lose and you can't even keep your same logic principles when talking about QB play from team to team.

    Yeah, a lot of the time, the Seahawks ARE missing that "it."

    The fact that the Seahawks have to be run heavy to succeed is telling. And no, there's not some absence of talent at the skill positions or on OL. Step back and look at it with integrity instead of belief.
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  • DJrmb wrote:Tyler Lockett anyone? Lockett has been the guy taking the top off many times this year already. I think the talent and players are there, they just need time in the system (and to stay healthy).

    I said Lockett on my post
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