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B&S Daniel Jeremiah's EXCLUSIVE Hawks Draft Breakdown

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  • I love DJ, but I think his draft rankings are "meh." Like a true professional though, he "shows complete confidence" in his opinions which I can't blame him for.

    An "okay" listen, but absolutely nothing surprising here. Brock got his buddy to come on and we know Brock is not happy with the off season, so it's no surprise to here DJ mirror some of that.

    Daniel Jeremiah's EXCLUSIVE Hawks Draft Breakdown, Solving the '18 Russell Wilson Trade Rumor

    Did the Hawks really look to trade Russell Wilson to the Browns in 2018? Brock & Salk lend surprising credence to the rumor while pointing the finger for the spread of this rumor somewhere OTHER than the media. Kyle and Boy Howdy get out of hand when answering the question: Who will last longer in Seattle: Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll, or John Schneider? Draft Analyst Daniel Jeremiah joins Brock & Salk to evaluate the Hawks' 2020 draft and whether they have taken full advantage of their draft capital since 2013.

    Brock & Salk also explore Michael Jordan's killer mentality and the relational sacrifices he made to become the greatest of all time. Would they duplicate the method if they were in his shoes, or would the cost be too great? ... lk+Podcast
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