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Seahawk draft pick comparisons (interesting)

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  • My local Barnes and Noble finally opened up since March and still had the draft guides on the rack. I believe it was Lindy's where I saw three of the Hawks actual picks being compared to three current or former Hawks:

    Brooks compared to M Kendricks
    Taylor compared to B Mayowa
    DJ Dallas compared to Troymaine Pope

    I find it very interesting that this guide which came out well before the draft had three of the Hawks selections compared to other Hawk players. With that said I hope all three (especially Brooks and Taylor based on where they were drafted) have better careers vs their comparisons.
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  • You wouldn't take Kendricks' career from Brooks? Sure, the legal troubles and injuries aren't ideal, but he was a really good player, a high-end 4-3 linebacker for a decent length of time.
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  • KinesProf wrote:You wouldn't take Kendricks' career from Brooks? Sure, the legal troubles and injuries aren't ideal, but he was a really good player, a high-end 4-3 linebacker for a decent length of time.

    Kendrick IMO should have had a better career given his athletic ability and yes I'm hoping Brooks does better.
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  • Lindy’s has been fading away the last 5 years. JMO but:

    Brooks is more like Wagner than Kendricks (a consensus predraft view from numerous sites). He’ll make us happy. Very solid player will start soon and replace KJ.

    Taylor is more similar to Clark than Mayowa (another pre-draft assessment). Taylor played hurt at the end of the season and couldn’t do drills at the combine. He fell off the draft radar to a lot of draft types but Good sized, has long arms, is wicked fast off the edge, can bend. He got to the QB lots last year.

    I really have no opinion on Dallas but believe he was highly underrated by the draft dweebs. He’s good at pass blocking, runs hard, and has good hands. Lots to like as a depth player and possibly a 3rd down back. The competition for PT with this year’s group will be intense.

    For me I believe Damien Lewis could be an All Pro RG, big, nasty, and strong like bull. He was a star at the Senior Bowl and owned most of the DTs.

    I hope Brooks has a better career than Kendricks, and Mayowa comes on strong this year allowing Taylor to play w/o pressure and show he too can get after the QB. I’d be happy if Dallas plays as well as Pope did in his first few games here, but turns into a nightmare 3rd down back.
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  • I have high hope for all our guys, but too often those hopes are dashed by the reality that NFL level is a different deal than they faced in college ball. Nevertheless some do make it, and make it big, in the big time. So I keep hoping best for all Seahawks. We NEED em to.
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  • I just googled Jordyn Brooks' pre-draft comparisons, and here are the first ten that came up: Al Wilson, Jarrad Davis, Christian Kirksey, Dre Greenlaw, Kwon Alexander, A.J. Klein, Darius Leonard, Kwon Alexander again, Mychal Kendricks, Zach Brown.

    Some good ones in there. Leonard would be damn nice.
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  • To me, it looked like DJ Dallas, perhaps related to him being an ex-QB, and from what I saw on his tape, brings a level of football IQ and a range of skills beyond those of Troymaine Pope. Dallas seems to really understand how to help out his QB, with what his QB needs at that moment, based on what the defense is doing.

    On a couple of his long runs, the way DJ used his blockers was absolutely remarkable, sort of the anti-Christine-Michael, read his blockers and the location of the defenders, and used smarts as much as speed to take it to the house.

    As a pure runner, I can't say if he's better or worse than Pope. I suspect he'll be a little better, based on reading the blocks and where the hole should be and adjusting, Dallas's style, hitting the hole quickly, should be a good fit for the Hawks when he runs, without needing a redshirt season-and-a-half like Rashaad Penny.

    Of course, we still have to see if and how Dallas's skills and athletic ability translates to the NFL level. Cautiously optimistic here.

    Jordyn Brooks, I think a lot of teams will have Seahawks Draft Envy over him, after this season. He's just going to be a really, really, good player for us, nearly right away. A bigger, faster Lofa Tatupu whose body will stand up to the NFL better and longer than Tatupu's did.
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