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Russell Wilson being Russell Wilson QB School

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  • The pass to Olsen was pin-point accurate, and Russ already trusts him. Greg gave Russ more reason, as that ball was in his face immediately! Fantastic play.

    Nobody can argue that Russ cannot or doesn't throw players open.
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  • Russ throws with anticipation. Similar throw as SB49 goalline int. Except Olson fights through contact before turning whereas Lockette looks at Russ unaware of Butler.
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  • Obviously different plays but same anticipation throw.
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  • That's what a good QB does. Throw it where they need to be. Russ isn't just good at that, he's great at that.

    Great post Polk! I really enjoy his presentation. Terrific.
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  • I was laughing pretty good at Olsen's reaction to that in the end zone, he probably isn't use to such a bullet in the chest, I really liked his breakdown of DK's TD on 4th an 5 showing how the DB just made that one misstep was all it took for DK to burn him on that play, it's no wonder why Russ gets so giddy on those 1 on 1s in man coverage with DK.
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  • That Wilson-Olsen anticipation play for a TD impressed me about as much as anything I've seen in the NFL. If they can maintain that anticipation all season long, this could be a heck of a year.
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